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Consolidated My Storage

May 10, 2017

Thanks to a friend from Occupy Wall Street who uses a pseudonym in meetings (I know his real name, but I’m omitting both here), I was able to transport what I had to put in storage during my transfer to my standard storage unit that is currently covered by HRA, and even if it were not, provides me with seven and a half times the storage space at only twice the cost.

unnamed (1)

All of this I was able to keep with me in my previous shelter at no additional cost to the city (it’s all wrapped up for transport–there is no garbage here, even the paperwork is supplemental to publishing a book about my experience).  This is now safely in my storage unit in New Jersey, although, as of this writing, I still have not received my $50 deposit back from Keepers Self Storage.  I think I made the video because I still have a location scout mentality.  There is something interesting about the locale that makes CubeSmart look homey by comparison.

Unfortunately, this was on April 13.  At 5 PM that day, my friend Jonathan, who has been spending much of his time in California since his girlfriend was killed, called to let me know I could finally come get the property I had been storing at his house in Westport.  My friend from Occupy could not do this so soon afterwards, and had I kept the storage unit at Keepers a bit longer, I could have finally retrieved my property that I’ve been wanting back since my 2013 transfer from Project Renewal to NAICA.  Among what I have there are numerous dress shirts, T-Shirts featuring Swamp Thing and Etrigan the Demon, a lot of underwear, an external hard drive that may be zotzed but contains the files form the newer of my two stored computers, and numerous books and comic books, including an entire short box.  Among those I can immediately think of are stored there:

  • Journey Into Mystery #78 (March 1962), which I could afford in low grade only by using $20 in store credit at Midtown Comics
  • four issues (as early as #5) of John Ostrander’s run on The Spectre, which I have been hoping to read soon
  • Wolverine: The Best There Is: Broken Quarantine hardcover
  • Trade paperbacks such as The Tomb of Dracula vols. 1 and 2 (read 1, but not 2), Crisis on Multiple Earths vol. 3, All-New Atom vol. 1, The Huntress: Darkknight Daughter, Martian Manhunter: The Others Among Us and Legends.  This has stalled my Zatanna and Solomon Grundy collecting/reading, as per my comic book want list.
  • early issues of Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, Vertigo Kid Eternity, Blue Devil, and Captain Atom
  • issues of New X-Men and Hellstorm: Prince of Lies where I left off reading these series
  • Iceman first miniseries (1984) by J.M. DeMatteis and Alan Kupperberg
  • Vertigo Jam and Showcase #100
  • Issues of DC Challenge
  • Swamp Thing (vol. 2) #161 I just completed my set of Mark Millar’s run and want to get this soon.
  • Issues of Doom Patrol (vol.5) including 2, 21, 22.
  • issues of The Baum Bugle and The Dramatist
  • vintage copy of John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids that I took from the Occupy Wall Street People’s Library
  • vintage forgotten mystery novel from the 1920s that I rescued from the curb.  I don’t remember the title or the author, so I could not obtain another copy.  It’s not a book of which most people are aware.

Jonathan didn’t give me an ultimatum to take these items, so they are still not permanently lost to me, but I could have taken the shopping cart in the above photo on Metro North and a New York City Bus the way that I can’t on a NJ Transit Bus, which has cushioned seats all facing forward and an aisle much narrower than an open cart.  Had I not closed out my storage unit, I could have retrieved these.  They would have made the car a bit tighter when I transported them out, but they would have gotten there, and I could get my clothes and books through the rotation between locker and storage as I do with the rest of my property.  I don’t like having to rotate things in and out of storage and not have them available for reference, but it’s better than nothing.  It’s also pretty bad in spring and fall when I can’t switch back and forth for the weather because of my limited space to store things, but it will have to do so long as corporate greed keeps me homeless.  He doesn’t seem to know when he’ll be back, however.

I hope I can get them soon in case I do get offered a job in another area.  It will make the move all more difficult if I have to coordinate that with Jonathan’s schedule, too.

  1. I got my stuff back from my friend Jonathan today. I didn’t find the Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol issues, which means they’re buried in storage. Ditto my comic book T-shirts.

    The forgotten mystery novel is The Grassleyes Mystery by E. Phillips Oppenheim, and was actually published in 1940, second impression, March 1948.

    My locker is full, and I had read many of the comics I got from Jonathan’s not long before they went to his place, so I’ll be going to storage very soon.

  2. Lots of issues of Midnight Tales Hellblazer, Firestorm, House of Secrets, House of Mystery, The Witching Hour, etc. I didn’t inventory everything, and a lot of it went into my storage unit. All my comics are already inventoried, anyway.

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