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Publicly Humiliating @NYCDHS

May 2, 2017

Last night, when I returned to the shelter, I was given a notice that I was to meet with DHS today at 3 PM.  Had I known, what to expect, I would have brought a printout of all my tweets with @nycdhs tagged in them, but since I didn’t from the very brief information on the notice, I was not prepared.

A man introduced himself to me as the program director who also includes The Bowery Mission Transitional Center in his caseload, but noticed he never saw me there.  The crux of the conversation was to be my tweets, about which he confused me somewhat by referring to them as “e-mails,” when I hadn’t sent DHS any e-mails recently.  This semantic issue confused my mother, who did not seem to be able to distinguish between an “e-mail” and a “text” when I was trying to be clear about what I could receive as a text on my flip phone versus what I could receive at my e-mail address the day I did laundry in Palisades Park.

I don’t recall this man’s name, but he asked me about what I expect the shelter to provide.  To gather my thoughts, I began with, something like “First of all,” at which point he interrupted me and restated the question.  I was incensed and told him that he clearly did not want an answer or he would not have interrupted me.  It quickly exploded beyond that, and he refused to talk with me any further.

I was so incensed after I left the building, that I began a Twitter storm, sitting on a bench in front of the hideous Toren Condo for some of these after I realized it was going to take some time to restate all my grievances.  Here they are:

sent imbecile who would ask me questions but interrupt me before I could complete a phrase because he didn’t want to get schooled.

Since ‘s cretin was aware of my tweets, he should have prepared responses instead of asking questions and interrupting immediately.

The creature should have been able to answer why a dorm bed should cost the same as a private room and more than an apartment.

The skunk should have explained why smaller quantities of food should cost the same.

The snake should have explained why the job developer can get me jobs that either I can’t do or reject me as overqualified.


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  1. I was off by $5 in tweeting the amount. I was using a flip-phone and not in front of my computer, and didn’t want to hunt through my bag outdoors.

  2. Scott, this is a total waste of time…. I only wish you put the same amount of effort into staying alive….

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