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The Hideous @TorenCondo That Sucks the Community Dry by Not Paying Property Taxes

April 11, 2017

This is the hideous Toren Condo that I have previously mentioned at least twice on this blog.  I first saw it when Jay Gould was giving some of us rides home when I was performing with the Brooklyn Repertory Opera (which I haven’t done since 2010) and wanted to puke at its hideousness, but it was years before I saw it again.  Now I live in a homeless shelter two blocks away, and I can’t leave the building without seeing it, since all the subway entrances require passing it.

The side of the building (in the window right about where the taxi is in the photo) proclaims that it was built with the 421-a corporate welfare scam, which was allowed to sunset, but was reincorporated into the state budget last week, since the state legislature is controlled by oligarchs.  421-a buildings pay no property taxes for 35 years (in the current budget; 25 in Toren’s case) in exchange for a trivial number of “affordable” units, which are intended for people who make as much as $119,000 a year, but only down to $60-70,000 at the bottom end.



Buildings like this are sprouting up in downtown Brooklyn, displacing the people in the area to put in tax shelters for rich foreigners in the midst of a housing crises with over 60,000 people homeless, not because they’re lazy, mentally ill, or drug addled, but because they can’t afford “affordable housing.”


I’m too skilled a photographer to make it look as bad as it does in real life, but it’s still hideous even in the photo.  It’s even more hideous when you see the round bumps like girders that are on each of the grey panels. (I added the top picture where this can be seen more clearly on April 12.)

By not paying property taxes, the owner of Toren Condo is a leech on society, enjoying massive profits and contributing nothing pf value.  There are plenty of other buildings like this in Downtown Brooklyn, but at least they aren’t hideous to look at, even though they are still a blight on the community.


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