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Why Do Some People Get Paid to Write Foolishness?

April 8, 2017

What’s on your mind?: Gayle and Fred: “No one will give him a chance or even an interview!”
Stacy Johnson: “He’s not interviewing well.”


My response to Stacy Johnson:

Not a very intelligent response, is it? I can’t imagine that Gayle and Fred found your answer very helpful.

Imagine if someone mastered a certain video game, then entered a tournament to play the game. Someone stands in front of the machine where this person is told to play the game. Another person is not blocked from playing at another console and proclaimed the winner. The person who was prevented from playing is told that they didn’t play the game well. this is an exact analog to what you told Gayle and Fred. It was a pretty offensive response.

As someone with a master’s degree who has been living in the New York City homeless shelter system for five years next month and is currently employed at the city minimum wage after my 14th interview in five years from 3,332+ applications (tracked in two spreadsheets). I am medically limited to a desk job. I’m currently in a call center job that I hate and pays the local minimum wage, was avoiding applying to such jobs. The only way to move out of the shelter on my income involves losing all my stored property–I was evicted form a one-bedroom apartment.

I have been trying to establish myself as a professional writer, and someone getting paid to write such gibberish really points out to me that competence and employment have a weak correlation at best.


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