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Cousin Mitt Is Full of Shit

April 6, 2017

Many people believe that Mitt Romney, who is a direct descendant of Rebecca Towne Nurse and thus my tenth cousin by adoption (blood relative to my great-grandmother’s adoptive mother, Ann Eliza Gould Temple), lost the election because he was caught on tape saying that 46% of Americans don’t pay taxes. He must have been talking about children, because the poor most certainly do pay taxes.

I filed my taxes with H and R Block last night. According to them, I paid $728 in federal taxes. My refund was only $329, which was lowered to $261 after Block’s fees for the state return. My total taxable income in 2016 was $17,605, including $4,388 of unemployment insurance compensation, having lost my temp job with MTA in July and not started my temp job at D.F. King until the end of October. That’s below the poverty line. I paid $1,057 in withholding taxes and got only $329 back.

That is proof that only liars and fools say that poor people do not pay taxes. The next time you hear someone claim this, you should ask them if they are lying or just plain ignorant.


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