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The Shelter Gets $2,325.66 per Month from HRA

March 25, 2017

I previously reported that the shelter gets $118 a day. That was based on a generalization. The reality in my specific case is a bit lower, but still egregiously higher than what I paid per month for my 1-bedroom apartment in 2011.

Here is a photograph of the document to prove it:

Someone owes me and the rest of New York City an explanation why this is a better use of taxpayer dollars than simply letting me have an apartment comparable to the one I was paying $1,018.75 for each month.  The seething, evil desire to punish the victim for lack of available jobs, and the crony deals cut by the shelter providers are the only possible explanations for such evil.



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  1. Answer- You are presumed to be a psychotic or very neurotic person and therefore need supervision to make sure you eat and try to find work. So the other $1300 is to pay your caseworker, your housing advisor and other bureaucracy higher up, plus the food and other ‘care’. They make sure, supposedly that you have medical care.
    I mean don’t you love that yummy shelter food and those heart to heart talks w your caseworker?
    Admittedly with the increase in rents, the whole theory has gotten out of control. Too many working people are also becoming homeless.

  2. Grickster permalink

    With your horrible attitude and sense of entitlement, I wouldn’t put up with you for twice that amount.

  3. Riley Ramsey permalink

    You forgot to add food cost, heating , and other essential items to that $1018 cost. It would cost more to put you up, and cost people their jobs.

    • The cost of dealing with your complaints and your ultra bratty personality are rather high. So some people at the shelter DO cost a lot of money…. Fantasy is expensive.

    • It would not cost more to put me up, because I would be eligible for more than $16 in food stamps, and the heat came with the rent.

      Why should I give a shit about those people having jobs? I can’t find a job. The last job people should have is treating others like shit.

      • Riley Ramsey permalink

        Getting food stamps is just more government money. Electronic has never been included in apartments I rent. Where did you find one? How would you pay for laundry, toilet paper, and shower items? More from the government? That 1018 would pay for room/board, water, and maybe trash. You need more then that to, survive.

      • Heat has been included in EVERY apartment I rent. Pay attention! I was in a minimum wage job until three weeks ago and couldn’t afford housing.

      • Riley Ramsey permalink

        I could maybe putting two or three homeless in a three bedroom home,but it isn’t affordable to give each their own apt. Not sure why you don’t rent a place with someone. Roommates are awesome.

      • It absolutely is, as the numbers show. I’m not giving up my stored property to live with a stranger, which is what I would have to do to afford it.

        I was laid off last month and can’t get any unemployment thatwasn’t already due to me because the job lasted five months, Mass layoffs after five months are common because employers are that greedy these days.

      • Riley Ramsey permalink

        Everyone has to make sacrifices in order to not live off others. Most of your storage items can be replaced

      • I should not have to make sacrifices because of others’ greed, nor should I want to be paying to live in a place where I am not on the lease.

        MY EMPLOYER was riding off others by failing to pay a living wage and cutting people off at five months so that they wouldn’t qualify for unemployment. They then did a big recruitment for new employees and treated former employees who showed like shit.

        My storage unit is full of rare videos and books that will be hard to replace, as well as manuscripts that are impossible to replace, not to mention the expense of the replacement.

      • Well-to do-people don’t make sacrifices but do get housing subsidies.

  4. like big daddy at HUD said… if we make the shelters too nice, then people will want to stay in them… so that is why they kicked you out of your sweet sweaty box.

  5. Like I said, incentivizing for what isn’t there.

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