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The Townes: Jacob’s burdens and Lorenzo’s Secrets

February 14, 2017

Jacob Towne is the father of Deliverance Towne, mother of Mehitable Stiles, mother of Samuel Gould, father of Eli Gould, father of David Gould, father of Ann Eliza Gould, mother of Lulu Louisa Temple, mother of Osburne Amos Hutchins, father of James Frederick Hutchins, father of me (i.e., he is my 8th great-grandfather).

In 2011, we printed two columns that sought public help in solving a Salem Towne family-related history mystery. The mystery focused on determining how a Victorian woman named Hannah Towne may have descended from “the” Townes of early Salem: the infamous family that produced Rebecca Towne Nurse (or Nourse) and Mary Towne Esty (or Easty) — two Gallows Hill innocents hanged for witchcraft here in 1692.

Source: The Townes: Jacob’s burdens and Lorenzo’s Secrets


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  1. This is actually being posted on February 13, which is Jacob Towne, Jr.’s birthday. I’m not sure why it’s coming up as the 14th, since the computer I’m on says it’s the 13th at the bottom right corner of the screen..

    • My great-grandmother’s last name at birth was Brown. I was sent the documents by the person who runs an online Temple genealogy. Amos Temple and Ann Eliza Gould adopted her when she was four years old and legally changed her name to Temple. Dad mentioned cousins named Temple and Gould, but never Brown. I don’t know if he knew. that mean that I’m related to Jacob Towne only through adoption and not by blood.

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