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My Mother, Corporatist Tool

August 25, 2016

Text conversation with my mother yesterday and today:


Companies make decisions to interview or not for many reasons, and being over-qualified is simply one of them.

It is a completely invalid and unethical one, and demonstrative of how my homelessness cannot rationally be considered my fault.

In the four years I have been homeless, every attempt to blame my homelessness on me has been illogical, irrational, and easily refuted with evidence.

It’s lazy hr to refuse to interview someone on grounds of overqualification.


To HR, an over-qualified employee would probably feel frustrated and would continue to seek other possibilities. Your homelessness is of major concern to you but not to HR. Try putting yourself in their condition, and you will understand.

My homelessness is absolutely and entirely the result of such a mentality. If a person shows up ready, willing, and able to do a job, rejecting them on grounds of overqualification is a lame excuse, and evil during periods of high unemployment. The fact that you allow a corporation any excuse in the book but not and individual shows you to have a vile double standard.

“An over-qualified employee would probably feel frustrated and would continue to seek other possibilities???” Because people unemployed and in poverty are happier than the unemployed. A totally idiotic ASSumption. My homelessness is entirely the result of others’ stupidity and greed, including yours. That mentality is causing the homeless rate to skyrocket, which leads stupid people to assume, sans scientific evidence, that mental illness is skyrocketing because they would rather blame the victim than admit that capitalism is failing the majority to benefit the few.

If you consider overqualiifcation a valid reason not to hire, but abnormal pain and an unlivable wage ‘lame excuses’ to not work, you really need your head examined. You remind me of the nimby people in Queens protesting a ‘hobo’ shelter in their neighborhood whose residents were families in which the parents worked in food service.

My homelessness is entirely the fault of others–corporate greed and people like you who are happy to make excuses for it.


I made NO excuse. I simply gave you a valid reason why HR was being responsible to their company. Their job is to hire the best candidate to fit the open position. It is unfortunate you are unable to comprehend that. You have opened yourself to scrutiny with your blog. If it is anything like what you just wrote to me, you would be a poor candidate for employment because of your negativity, false assumptions, and attacking words. Good luck finding a job with that attitude.

What you call a ‘valid reason,’ a rational person calls an excuse, and vice versa. Suffering in silence did not help me when my inheritance ebbed away to eviction in 2008-11. Now I take a stand and fight the evil with my words, it’s a ‘bad attitude.’ Your ‘valid reason’ is a bad attitude to a rational person. I’m guessing you’ve shifted your support to the corporatist tool, Hillary, since ‘birds of a feather.’

But suffering in silence ‘has to’ be a better strategy.

Belief in the notion that you defended logically requires belief that poverty is preferable to underemployment, a belief that has led to institutionalized abuse including slavery and workfare. That’s not negativity. That’s a fact. In a time of high employment, beliefs like that are a declaration of war on the unemployed. It is my duty to crush those beliefs with correctives.

I then e-mailed her my review of Moshe Adler’s Economics for the Rest of Us to show her an economist who agrees with my views:

I am reminded of Ajamu Baraka providing a clear explanation (about 11:30) of why he called Barack Obama an Uncle Tom, and a lot of hemming and hawing in the press about he was wrong that did not address the points of his argument.


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  1. Mason permalink

    Your brother seems to have turned out well.

    • He was in the right place at the right time with his computer science degree. Now people with computer science degrees are struggling to find work because there are more people with the training than there are jobs available.

      • I don’t know why you hang on in NYC. For someone like you, NYC is a bottomless pit…. Oh well, call 10 more agencies and maybe you’ll get something if you remember to answer the phone…lol.

      • I have an ambulatory disability and don’t own a car. Also, no other city has a right to shelter.

      • OK, well let’s see if “computer power” makes things better for you…. Sort of like a long, giant scientific experiment.

  2. Freddy permalink

    That’s demonstrably false. The field of data sciences is exploding right now. The demand for programmers, database administrators, and other IT professionals is very strong.

    Also, your assertion that the “mentality” of not preferring to hire overqualified candidates is causing homelessness to “skyrocket” is laughable. That job is still going to someone else, even if it’s not you. The fact they chose someone else instead of you didn’t increase the homeless population.

    You seriously need to get out of your NYC bubble and get a breath of fresh air. That place is a hellhole and it’s ruining your life. You can extol the virtues of liberal gobbledygook like “right to shelter” all you want, but it’s a colossal failure.

  3. Freddy permalink

    Look, you can quote all the statistics and articles you want. But as a matter of fact, I work in the IT field, and I receive calls, emails, and LinkedIn requests from recruiters with job openings on a weekly basis. They can’t find enough people, at least in this particular niche. I realize that doesn’t help you. My point was simply to refute this notion that your brother was just in the “right place at the right time”. I understand that the narrative you are pushing precludes the possibility of individuals advancing on their own merits, but it happens every day. (Even in the hellhole of NYC, I suspect.)

  4. Freddy permalink

    I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.

  5. Freddy permalink

    Well, clearly you’ve put a lot of time and effort into this blog, but to what end? What has whining on the Internet ever accomplished? Why don’t you monetize this thing? You have a talent for writing, plenty of time on your hands, and apparently no shortage of opinions. If you could express them in a more winsome way and build a readership, this little blog could actually earn money for you!

    (OK, let the excuses begin!)

  6. Freddy permalink

    Come on, man, just because some other whiny blogger couldn’t figure out how to monetize his blog, you’re going to give up just like that? Why? What on earth have you got to lose by trying? Lots of people do it, with varying degrees of success. Spend some time and educate yourself on how it’s done. Otherwise, you’ll probably just be sitting her in another 3 months complaining about how many jobs you’ve applied for.

    • Well, I learned yesterday that Applicant Tracking Systems show the hiring manager that my last job was at “,” which just shows the idiocy of computers and people who let computers read for them.

  7. Freddy permalink

    Whatever. When you are back at the shelter tonight eating your bowl of gruel, think about it.

  8. Really could open a blog and make some money… Just magically made $2.50 today…. I love Google Adsense….. whoopeeeeeee!!

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