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A Smoking Gun Example of Why My Homelessness is Entirely the Fault of Others

August 24, 2016

Job posting:


Provides department assistance in the execution of administrative functions in the respective area managed.


Collects data and prepares reports
Routes documents according to instructions for appropriate review, correction or signature.
Coordinate travel arrangements and/or arrange meetings.
Maintains an organized filing system for department records.
Ensures that both incoming and outgoing correspondence is distributed timely and accurately.
Support with receptionist coverage
Provides administrative, clerical and organizational support: data entry/word processing as required.
Acts as liaison between other departments in researching questions accurately and expediently.
Practices good judgment, discretion and confidentiality of sensitive information regarding department activities.


A high school diploma or GED;
1-2 years in an Administrative Assistant role preferred
Ability to use standard office equipment, including computer input and output devices.
Knowledge of Microsoft Excel a plus
Communicates effectively both orally and in writing.
Organizes, plan and perform assigned duties with minimal supervision.
Desire and willingness to learn.

Response (to my application–I was never interviewed):

Hi Scott Andre Hutchins,

Thanks for your interest in the Assistant – C-Level position at Mediacom. We have reviewed your application. Unfortunately, you are not the right fit for the position at this time.

I am sorry for the disappointing news. Best of luck in your job search.

June Appell

Unfortunately, I realize going up against Mediacom directly would set them up for a lawsuit and thus result in no response, but this is a perfect example of being told that I am overqualified, without explicit use of the word, since it certainly cannot be reasonably argued, particularly on paper, that I lack any one of the qualities demanded in the advertisement.

Because, as I said, I was not interviewed for the position, so they could not have ruled me out based on gut reaction to my personal demeanor or how I answered interview questions, the only possibilities other than ruling me out due to overqualification are the following:

a) June Appell or her supervisor(s) at Mediacom lied or omitted key details about the requirements of the position.

b) June Appell or her supervisor(s) at Mediacom failed to comprehend my resume (entirely possible, considering that my name was misspelled in the salutation).

c) June Appell or her supervisor(s) at Mediacom decided, based on zero evidence, that I was lying about the content of my resume, thus causing her or her supervisor to concoct the lie that I am not a fit for the position.

Someone of June Appell’s dishonesty should be forced to experience homeless and threats with loss of personal property as I receive on a daily basis as my case manager demands that I downsize my storage to a less expensive unit, because, living at the public expense, I apparently no longer have my fifth amendment right to property, even though no due process has occurred for it to be taken away. I have an absolute right as an American citizen to spend my income, whether from work or from unemployment insurance, on a storage unit, even if it does cost $295 per month (taxes and fees included) for a 10 x 15 space. That others can lie with such callousness is certainly far more worthy of punishment than taking four hours to return a phone call on my day off, the incident that resulted in my own homelessness.

I have been waiting for a very long time to catch an employer red-handed at this behavior that I have long suspected was happening. June Appell amd Mediacom made the mistake of having the courtesy to respond with a no, the foolishness to claim that I was not a match for the job, rather than saying the position had been filled or some such, and not only doing so before the posting was taken down, but on the very same day I applied. I keep mentioning June Appell and Mediacom not out of a personal grudge but for the sake of search engine optimization. I want this blog entry to come up high in searches for them so that people know how unethical their behavior is, my homelessness and physical disability trebling the enormity of their behavior. I am thankful the Trans-Pacific Partnership has not passed, which could squelch my legal right to draw attention to their evil behavior, in spite of it being my right under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Evil delivered politely is perhaps the worst kind.

This is yet another example of how my homelessness is entirely the result of others’ choices, as well as others’ lies.

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  1. Grickster permalink

    Man, June Appell doesn’t owe you a thing, and shame on you for your libelous treatment of her. If there was any question as to whether you were a good fit for the position, this post has removed all doubt and completely exonerated Ms. Appell. Why would anyone want to hire such a vicious, acrimonious, ungrateful miscreant?

    • Do you even know the definition of the word libelous? The definition requires a misrepresentation. I gave her exact words and interpreted them. That is not a misrepresentation in any sense of the word. You, rather, defame me with your accusations of libel. Ungrateful? What did she do for which I should be grateful? Telling someone they are overqualified is rude and unprofessional in deed even when in words it is done politely. Acrimonious? Perhaps, but that’s an appropriate response to injustice. Vicious? No more vicious than keeping someone unemployed for so long that he loses his apartment.

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