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The National Rifle Association Wanted My Opinion, So They Get It

July 29, 2016

All the Green Party candidates got questionnaires for the National Rifle Associations Political Victory Fund. Two of the questions demanded answers to questions so slanted that I refused to answer them. They said to use the reverse side for additional comments. Here is what I wrote:

I think that the NRA needs to pay attention to the first part of the 2nd amendment than it does to the last few words. To say that the 2nd Amendment prohibits all regulations on guns is a flat-out lie, and such language insults the intelligence of the public and makes the NRA look stupid. The NRA also needs to realize that the firearms that existed in 1789 were not capable of the quick and massive destructive power of today’s firearms, which the Founding Fathers could not possibly have had in mind when the 2nd Amendment was written. Imagine someone attempting a mass shooting with the firearm technology available in 1789. Everyone could escape before the shooter had a chance to reload. The deadliest school attack in U.S. history occurred in Bath, Michigan in 1927. It did not involve guns, and there is a technological reason why. Banning guns may not prevent such violence, but it would make it more difficult. Why provide military-grade hardware to the average citizen, particularly if s/he is not part of the “well-regulated militia” called for under the 2nd Amendment?


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