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52 Reasons Voting for @HillaryClinton (Hitlery) Is Voting for Fascism #JillNotHill

July 29, 2016

From @libbyliberal

In no particular order:

  1. SoS #Hillary helped Russia & Boeing make weapons deal in 2010. Russia then contributed $900,000 to #Clinton Foundation.
  2. When #Hillary has been suspected of wrongdoing in past, files go missing. It is a pattern. Whitewater, Vince Foster, etc. Now emails gone!
  3. #Hillary lied about being under sniper fire on airport tarmac in Bosnia. In reality she was met by a little girl offering her flowers.
  4. When the #Clintons left the WH they took items that did not belong to them and were asked to return them.
  5. #Hillary “machine” responsible for manipulation of voting machines/polling stations during primaries vs Sanders.
  6. #Hillary no objections to first nuke strike by US for purposes of “peacekeeping”.
  7. #Hillary’s destruction of Libya added to ME chaos by unleashing vast stockpiles of Libyan weapons that became available to ISIS.
  8. SoS #Hillary helped provide sophisticated/deadly weaponry to “questionable” customer countries.
  9. FBI investigating #Hillary for use of private server AND activities of #Clinton Foundation.
  10. #Hillary no interest in DIPLOMACY. Called Putin “Hitler”. Has promised to “obliterate” Iran. (neocon- and Israel-pleasing violent rhetoric)
  11. #Hillary helped US corporations (Hanes, LeviStrauss, etc.) in Haiti to lower new hourly wage of 60 cents (up from 20 cents) down to 40 cents!
  12. #Hillary said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, but he was not a household name when she was born. 6 years later!
  13. #Clintons amassed $140+ mil since leaving WH. Top .1%. Where did that money come from? Why did it come? They can’t serve two masters. Not serving us.
  14. #Hillary seems to share same middle name as Obama “Collateral Damage” in terms of engineering bloodbaths & dronings 4profiteering regime change!
  15. #Bill Clinton adm AK=fake progressives. With #Hillary created Dem Leadership Council anti-labor,-civil rights,-poor,-environ. (w/Goldman funding)
  16. #Hillary serves war, Wall St. and WalMart!
  17. Glen Ford calls the #Clintons “the Bonnie & Clyde of Haiti” #Hillary as SoS never appointed an Inspector General for the State Dept.
  18. #Bill Clinton adm passed NAFTA & destroyed economy of Mexico & lost jobs for Americans. Lose/lose. Big win for corporate elites.
  19. #Bill Clinton adm instead of reducing military budget due to collapse Soviet Union ramped it up. Like welfare ONLY for defense industry profiteers.
  20. #Bill Clinton adm deregulated media so a handful of mega-corporations monopolize information/misinformation distribution.
  21. #Hillary’s friend & mentor, Madeleine Albright, told Leslie Stahl the deaths of 1/2 million Iraqi children from US sanctions WAS WORTH IT!
  22. #Bill Clinton adm repealed Glass Steagall Act regulating separation deposit from investment banks. Also deregulated financial derivatives trading
  23. #Hillary doesn’t address double standard of the Hyde Amendment, harder for poor women to obtain an abortion.
  24. #Hillary is pro big tax breaks for corporations.
  25. #Hillary is pro death penalty.
  26. #Hillary supports the War on Drugs.
  27. When #Hillary worked at Rose Law Firm, AK, ACORN helped electric rates be lowered for poor people. Hillary successfully fought reduction.
  28. #Hillary wants to ramp-up war Syria v Assad. “Ratline” of weapons & jihadists Libya to Syria (REAL Benghazi mess). 350,000 Syrians already dead but #Hillary will set up more!
  29. #Bill Clinton adm forced million people into poverty with so-called welfare “reform” in 1999.
  30. #Hillary called single moms on welfare “deadbeats”
  31. #Bill Clinton adm turned US into mass incarceration state w/1994CrimeBill. Prison populations exploded w/Blacks & Latinos.
  32. #Hillary label=”super predators”
  33. #Hillary supportive coup Ukraine vs pro-Russian democratically elected president. US spent $5 bil destabilizing there. Bonded w/thug Nazis.
  34. #Hillary irrationally & unconditionally supportive of all policies & actions of anti-international law ISRAEL! Promises if president US will jump thru even more hoops for it.
  35. #Hillary wants to deport refugees from Honduras, murder capital of world, back to it but it was she who helped oligarch coup that made it fascistic & dangerous.
  36. #Hillary created US refugee problem of Hondurans migrating to US by helping fascist oligarchs overturn democratically elected Prez Zelaya.
  37. As SoS #Hillary helped out UBS not only did it donate $600,000 to #Clinton Foundation but gave #Bill Clinton $1.5mil for a few Q&A sessions!
  38. As SoS #Hillary promoted FRACKING to countries all over the globe.
  39. #Hillary as SoS arranged for Bill Clinton to receive obscenely large speaking fees.
  40. #Hillary really wants to raise minimum wage ONLY to $12 not $15/hr.
  41. As US Senator NY, #Hillary voted for bill that made it hard for people under crushing debt to file for bankruptcy.
  42. #Hillary was BIG promoter of Iraq War & bullshit lies re link between Saddam & Al Qaeda. NO LINK AT ALL Didn’t admit she was wrong until 2014
  43. #Hillary is a neocon, pro-regime changes using R2P humanitarian cover, pro NSA surveillance of telecommunications and internet
  44. #Hillary served on WalMart Board of Directors. Had no problem with non-living wages. WalMart gives millions2 #Clinton Foundation.
  45. Lendman: As SoS #Hillary turned the #Clinton Foundation into a global money making machine on steroids. [Conflict of interests on steroids!]
  46. Lendman: #Clinton Foundation a suspected criminal enterprise posing as NGO (supposedly for global health, economic aid, kid obesity ,for women & girls)
  47. SoS #Hillary helped Saudi Arabia with Boeing=80 F-15 fighter jets=$29+bill. Now used to kill civilians Yemen. SA has given millions to #Clinton Foundation.
  48. Lendman: #Clinton Foundation may be violating 1970 RICO Act re racketeering, money laundering, soliciting bribes, influence peddling!
  49. Lendman: less than 10% of millions that pour into #Clinton Foundation go to charity. Rest for self-enrichment!
  50. SoS #Hillary helped UBS Bank out from prosecution by Switzerland. Year before UBS gave $60,000 to #Clinton Foundation. Next donation=$600,000!
  51. (#Hillary) Fuss re S Sudan human rights violations (child soldiers, etc.) S Sudan contributed generously to #Clinton Foundation. No more fuss.
  52. During #Bill Clinton adm #Hillary tried to develop a corporate-friendly healthcare system. Failed.

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