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July 23, 2016

At last night’s mandatory house meeting at The Bowery Mission Transitional Center, I was elected president of the Client Advocacy Board, which means that before the Friday night house meeting, I arbitrate complaints between clients and staff of the shelter based on the client rights in the handbook.  (That means I can’t change things like Bill Bratton’s ludicrous curfew that keeps me out of things like The Cecilia Chorus of New York because it isn’t paid.)  I mentioned my work with Picture the Homeless and my Green Party run for State Assembly, so I kind of nailed it.  One guy wanted to be secretary and rand for president because I was initially the only volunteer, but people thought he looked too much like Kid Rock and didn’t get elected to any of the three positions.   One guy got vice president probably because his name is Pedro and people wanted to say “Vote for Pedro!” from Napoleon Dynamite.  Sergio, one of the most learned guys in the shelter (I saw him reading the Norton Critical Edition of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, a work I found difficult in college, and he is almost always reading difficult literature in both English and Spanish), got pushed into running for secretary, especially after someone complained that the board should have Spanish speakers on it.


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