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Scott Andrew Hutchins for New York State Assembly District 74!

July 19, 2016

I just received notice from the Board of Elections that I will be on the ballot for the Green Party primary on September 18, for which I am running uncontested within the party, which essentially means I am going to be on the ballot for November.

Here is the Facebook page for my campaign: (which includes a map of the district)

The Twitter account is

I do not run either of these. They are run by the party.

Major campaign issues:

  • Opposition to any and all corporate welfare used to create so-called “affordable housing,” such as the 421-A scam.
  • State funding so that no one making under $50,000 has to spend more than a third of their income on housing.
  • Reformation of police to protect and serve everyone, not just the wealthy.
  • Establishment of public banking in New York State.
  • Opposition to all hydrofracking in New York State.
  • Opposition to Citizens United. Corporations are not people, and money is not speech.
  • Support of the unregulated homegrown marijuana act as a corollary to opposition of the drug war and the use of private prisons, such as Corrections Corporation of America.
  • Support of Jill Stein’s plan to eliminate all student debt through quantitative easing.
  • Oppose public funding of private, for-profit schools masquerading as public schools (charter schools).
  • Support the Legal Aid Society’s proposal for criminal discovery reform, allowing defendants to see early in the process exactly what the prosecution has against them. “New York’s discovery rules systematically block innocent or over-charged defendants from meaningfully investigating the case; locating and using exculpatory evidence; and formulating a proper strategy of defense prior to the trial.”

I hope I have your vote if you live in district 74!

  1. Alexander Gordon permalink

    How can you be living in a homeless shelter when records show that you are living in a high society neighborhood at the address of: [redacted at the request of those who live there], New York City. That’s a very pricy location, would you not agree? Records also show that on your last job you were claiming three (3) dependents. How can you have three dependents and still be living in a homeless shelter? Has the welfare system simply gone mad, or has it become more “Hillary” – corrupt and crooked? Or, more like it, are you extremely evil and crooked – a flat out, plain and common ‘welfare thief’? Whoever would vote for a thief and an undeserving low-life criminal into public office can also be categorized similarly. Explain why after one thousand six hundred plus resumes you still cannot find a job-even as a dish-washer in a restaurant. People who work have integrity, and you don’t need any college degree to wash dishes. Remember that dish-washers also have families and many are raising children; but most importantly, they have integrity. Remember also, that in New York City, many medical doctors, lawyers and other professionals do first and second jobs as taxi-cab drivers-they prefer going that, before going on food stamps, welfare and other forms of government handouts. Your evil and criminal mind represent everything that is germane to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns. You are a total disgrace to “Green Party”. The public should take note of this and never vote you into public office-after all, he who steals from the government, steals from the tax payers and the entire segment of the population-people at large. Really, don’t you think that you stand for all the corruption of government and your whole purpose is to perpetuate the corruption further?

    • What part of medically limited to a desk job do you not understand??? Telling me to get a dishwasher job is tantamount to telling me to commit suicide. If you can research my address, you can click the About tab that you can see on the upper right no matter where you go on my blog.

      The address you found is where I get my mail. I do not live there. A married couple with whom I am friends lives there. It is a fail-safe against a) shelter staff stealing my mail, b) sudden transfers within the shelter system causing important mail to go to an incorrect location, and c) easy identification of my address as a homeless shelter by potential employers. The apartment, as it is, is in an HDFC building that was purchased when Hell’s Kitchen was a very undesirable location. My friends would not be able to afford the apartment if it became market rate. Also, this address is not in Assembly District 74. Do you really think that the Board of Elections would let me run in a district where I neither live nor am registered to vote? They have both my residential address and my mailing address.

      At my last job I claimed three exemptions based on the directions on the worksheet (put 1 on this line… add total of lines on the worksheet). I do not have three dependents and never claimed to have. It is not my fault that the worksheet is badly written. I followed the directions to the letter. This was 2010, when I first registered with GoodTemps. I was since informed by someone who watched me filling it out that I was doing it wrong.

      It is you with your accusatory tone and cherry-picked information who lacks integrity. Also, if you’re not doing a job that causes you excruciating pain for minimum wage, you have no integrity in attacking me for not doing so.

  2. Please include the following info for Discovery for Justice when discussing the repeal of the blindfold law. We meet weekly for people who wish to get involved:

  3. Paul Gilman permalink

    To Alexander Gordon:

    I consider Scott Andrew Hutchins a hero. Despite the degraded conditions he is living in, Mr. Hutchins is holding his head up high and is participating in the political struggles that effect us all. I have been homeless and have seen and see hundreds if not thousands of people who are going through what Mr. Hutchins is going through, and they have totally given up on life, with no drive in them to change theirs and others situations for the better through mass actions. Far to many of the homeless much of if any political consciousness at all. We need more Mr. Hutchins.

    In researching Mr. Hutchins you have done us all a great favor. Mr. Hutchins reply is an expository on some of the things homeless people have to do to carry on and what they have to go through.

    Talking about why homeless people have their mail forwarded to friend’s addresses, “b) sudden transfers within the shelter system causing important mail to go to an incorrect location.” A sudden transfer happened to a close friend of mine about a month and half ago. He had been in the shelter system for about 3 years. Like Scott, my friend Alan had a masters degree. Alan participated in what ever programs they asked him to participate. He was an ex-heroin user who had quite heroin about twenty years ago and got a job as a printer. Printers in NYC became obsolete, and Alan became homeless. For one reason or another Alan didn’t qualify for housing vouchers (and don’t tell me that dishwashers can afford housing even in the worst neighborhoods without some sort of subsidy), and to protect their funding the shelter “suddenly transferred” Alan. A Shelter’s funding is based on finding housing for the people who they are serving. Alan thought he landed in a better shelter, which means their jobs and housing people had more contacts that could help Alan. They almost got him a job, but it fell through. They “suddenly transferred” him to the worst shelter in the whole system. Within three weeks Alan was dead. He committed suicide through a heroin overdose.

    While the questions you asked are valid, the tone of your email shows a total lack of compassion. Greens are supposed to care about those less fortunate, with the realization that we could also loose what ever we have due to ill health, down turn in the economic climate, politics, and environmental disaster. Few people are immune from being made homeless for one reason or another. The homeless need many voices, and not just well meaning people speaking for them. I am glad that Mr. Hutchins is stepping forward. His well thought out reply to your nasty diatribe shows that Mr. Hutchins is an excellent voice of coming from a part of society that has way to few voices.

    • Alexander Gordon permalink

      I thought you claimed poor Alan had quitted his heroin habit twenty years ago; yet recently he died of a heroin overdose. Do you see how confused you really are? Usually liars get so cought up in their lies that they forget what they have stated earlier, and being sloppy they never double check to see where they’ve slipped up, and so they get caught. Can you at least see where I’m going with this? I have that you are not messing around with that stuff because it is very dangerous and you can end up being a stiff, like you know who.

      • Paul Gilman permalink

        Alan did give it up, and he relapsed. It happens. Why are you so obsessed with Scott? You don’t like him, who cares? Now move on.

  4. Alexander Gordon permalink

    A response was delayed following a little more investigation. So essentially you are saying is that you should never work, but just sit on your fat, sloppy rear-end and prey on the working class the majority of whom are poor and destitute, to feed and house you. You are a nasty disgrace and your blogs reflects your deep hate for yourself and humanity. You feel that you have an intrinsic right to free-load. In one of your blogs you have even offered to teach readers how to live rent-free in New York City-now, that’s evil and low down. You claim that your doctor recommends a desk job, obviously to accommodate your rear-end with a cushion seat. Well, find work as a taxicab driver. Records show that you have a VALID New York City drivers license; so use your driving skills to work and earn a living–you’ll get to sit and stand whenever and wherever you want. THE WORLD IS AWAITING TO READ YOUR EXCUSE FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO DO THIS.
    Regarding your prime real estate address, know that the people whom you are talking about can be respectfully ‘interviewed’, otherwise a subpoena of their occupancy records can be also be requested. The public is awaiting a truthful response with evidence. You do know that the government provides post office boxes for welfare recipients who wish to have alternate addresses for reasons which you are giving, so what is your true motive for having such an posh address. You claim not to trust the shelter system although you are living there, where do you have your belongings and at whose expense? Know that criminal intent to defraud a government agency is severely punishable, unless of course you have the clout of Hillary–crooked, crooked, crooked!

    • “In one of your blogs you have even offered to teach readers how to live rent-free in New York City-now, that’s evil and low down.”

      Completely false.

      There are multiple reasons I cannot work as a taxi driver.

      #1 Being in a confined space like a car for a long period of time aggravates my sciatica, sending shooting pain through the side of my left leg.

      #2 I have overactive bladder as a result of my herniated discs. I take 20 mg of oxybutynin a day to control it, but I still have to go every 1-2 hours. When I have a full bladder while driving, it is an enormous distraction that makes me a danger to myself and others.

      #3 Most cab companies are run by people of certain ethnicities and ignore anyone applying who is not their ethnicity. this is also common in restaurant jobs. At one point, a shelter roommate (a classic Italian-American with a thick Brooklyn accent)tried to get a restaurant job, and the all-Hispanic mocked him and said “Americano.”

      The address is not posh, and I do not live there.

      “You do know that the government provides post office boxes for welfare recipients who wish to have alternate addresses ”

      That is news to me, and I could not find anything about such a program in a Google search.

      The belongings that are not in my room at the shelter are in a storage facility in New Jersey, where they have been since January 2012. I pay for it except at times I qualify for a full public assistance case.

    • Apparently, you are saying that desk jobs are not work…

    • Next, Alexander Gordon is going to ask why I can’t work as a bike messenger or a lifeguard.

    • In regard to my storage, you have no valid complaint, particularly considering I’ve paid it while employed or on unemployment insurance benefits. The government paid only while I was on public assistance, as per general policy.

    • Telling someone that he should have to do minimum wage work that causes him abnormally excruciating pain is evil enough as it is, but when that person has an advanced degree, $65,000 in student loan debt, and cannot afford housing on that wage without moving somewhere he has no connections, that is Nazi Germany-level evil.

      My friends don’t care what you find out about their apartment in the public records, nor do I, because it will not show that I own or live in the apartment. Do you even know what an HDFC is? Since you called it “posh,” you apparently don’t.

    • Alexander Gordon permalink

      Criminal, criminal, criminal! Excuses, excuses, excuses! Glad that you have mentioned working as a messenger. That job you definitely CAN do. Shelter officials reveal that you walk excellently, unaided by any form of crutches, walker or wheelchair. They say that each day you carry a backpack weighing about 40 pounds on your back and walking as though you have no disabilities whatsoever. You have been observed carrying such a backpack walking unaided by any crutch, or walker to board busses. You have even been observed walking for miles at a time carrying such a load. How come you are claiming such severe disabilities? Your bank account at TDbank reflects a whooping excess of $15,000. Federal limits on welfare recipients bank accounts cannot exceed $2000. How are you pulling this off? Both you and Hillary should go to jail. Find work, you’re a burden to taxpayers.

      • Lies, lies, and more lies! Shelter officials are aware that I have a cane that I use whenever I expect to stand or walk in excess of an hour. The backpack I carry is approximately eighteen pounds, not 40, and I have never been observed walking “miles at a time” without the use of a cane. The maintenance staff has nicknamed me “Lurch” because of how badly I limp.

        My bank account at TD Bank has about $6,600 in it.

        This is called libel, and you belong in prison.

      • I am on unemployment insurance benefits and get $99 per month in SNAP, so it is inaccurate to call me a “welfare recipient.”

  5. Who is this Alexander Gordon and what is he problem with you, Scott? Anyone expressing this level of enmity toward another must not think very much of himself. When we place ourselves out there as candidates, we need to realize we will be the subject of attacks occasionally. Whether this person is an agent provocateur, a plant by the opposition, or just a disgruntled voter, his behavior says more about his own problems than it does about those whom he attacks. I wonder what’s missing in his life that he sees a need to belittle, mock and castigate others. Ironically, it’s expression of unmet needs and negative feelings that can best be addressed politically through the Green Party – the Party of Peace. What we’re fighting for is the antidote to the alienation and disconnect that so many are experiencing these days. Perhaps we should extend an invitation to Alexander and have him meet with some of us to find out what he’s looking for.

    • I have no idea, just someone who responded to my blog. I thought his initial questions deserved answering in spite of their harsh, immature tone.

  6. Alexander Gordon permalink

    You forgot to mention that you are receiving Medicaid benefits. Anyway, you ought be ashamed of your fat, disgusting self. You are receiving free Medical benefits, free foodstamps, a unemployment check every week for an extended period over and above the twenty-six (26) weeks allowable, free housing at taxpayers expense, and a sumptuous bank account, and you say that you are not receiving government welfare. Do you see how criminal-minded you are? You are bolder than crooked Hillary. You have actually admitted to exceeding the $2000- bank balance and fraudulently collecting government handouts. Do you see why you belong in jail? How many hard-working dishwashers do you think have such a bank balance? But they have pride and dignity to not want to be living in a shelter and cheat their fellow citizens. They don’t feel that homelessness is completely the fault of others. Those who support you are like-minded. But of course the “Green Party” don’t really stand for much and will disappear completely during the first six minty of the Trump administration; so there is no great worry. By the way tell the other dopey that there is evidence of an “Alan” who lived at the shelter, but he’s not dead; just kicked out.

    • I was laid off June 3, 2016, so your claim that I have been receiving unemployment benefits for over the 26-week limit is yet another lie. You belong in prison in prison for public libel of me. My bank account balance is on record with the NYC Human Resources Administration, and I am receiving only what I am legally allowed. The fact that you want me to be physically tortured because businesses are not responding to my job applications is proof that you yourself deserve torture or believe in the injustice of the double standard. Anyone who thinks I belong in prison is a psychotic fascist.

    • “Sumptuous?” you seriously believe that four mouths worth of rent is sumptuous? But it doesn’t surprise me. You believe that commercial kitchens are a safe place to spasm and fall and that dishwashers make enough money to move out of homeless shelters.

  7. Alexander Gordon permalink

    Having four months rent is quite a tremendous advantage for anyone who is willing to go out and work and build up equity to pay for subsequent months of rent and upkeep. But you are too wicked in your evil mind to even consider working for your upkeep. People consider living in a shelter in order to temerorally overcome immediate life conflicts, not to make that type of living a permanent way of life. The Alan story is a fake; you lied about that. Records show that your name is listed as an occupant of [redacted], New York City-that is prime real estate. Yet you misrepresented yourself to the Federal, State and City governments in order to receive free government handouts-referred to as welfare. That is welfare fraud. Your combined bank account with TD Bank totals in excess of $15,000-. That is a sum which is beyond to $2000- limit welfare recipients are allowed to maintain in any bank. You have two distinct bank accounts with TD Bank. The one account which you claim has $6600- is the one which received direct deposit from your last job- which you could not properly conceal. Even so, the balance in that account, which by your own admission has $6600- clearly exceeds Federal limits for welfare recipients. You are in violation of Federal welfare laws. Your position with your last employer was discontinued for their disinterest in your work ethics. Basically you were terminated. Green Party officials seem discontented with your candidacy now that they know of your mindset. Some lamented that they do not have your bank balance but is contented to work hard. Why is it that you have claimed three (3) dependents while being on welfare? You previous answer is definitely not satisfactory. Post on line a copy of your income tax returns and a copy of your medical reports listing your alleged sicknesses that prevent you from doing any kind of work. Then we can investigate your doctor(s). Dot you wipe your rear-end? If you have had much practice doing that, then you can consider doing that as a job. That is a legitimate protected occupation in the US.

  8. You are lying again. I am not an occupant of [redacted], and it is an HDFC, which is a publicly subsidized co-op. I do not have $15,000 in any account. The account that received direct deposit from my last job is a checking account that has less than $100. My other account is a savings account that has $6,800 in it–I am required to save 75% of my income as a resident of the shelter system and give weekly updates to my case manager. My position with my last employer was a mass layoff that included at least three other people. It was not in any way a “termination.” I never claimed three dependents, and I am not on welfare cash assistance, only SNAP and Medicaid, which I am legally allowed to have. I have medical reports, but I am not required by law to post them publicly.

    It should be obvious to any rational person that I have a disability from this picture:

    I have applied for 210 jobs in the past three months and have gone on two interviews. Unfortunately, they were temp services and they were for similar, if not the same, position for the same company.

    I do not know what your source is, but I am guessing it is your rear end, because you are clearly making things up.

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