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Assurance Wireless Defrauds Taxpayers and Blackmails Customers

June 27, 2016

A couple of months ago I was having problems with my Assurance Wireless telephone not charging. After buying several charge cables I realized that the problem was the port, not the micro USBs, flimsy as they are. Assurance sent me a new phone, since I’ve had it over a year, and didn’t require me to send it back. Every time I have received a phone form them, it has been a Kyocera. this time, it was an Alcatel One Touch. It seemed more advanced than the Kyocera, but I ran into difficulties with it almost immediately.

First, I encountered a problem that I was getting a blank screen when checking my messages–not always, but frequently. Turning the phone off and turning it back on could usually correct it. when I contacted customer service, they said that I had used too much memory. This claim does not square with the facts. I have had the phone less than two months, and as of right now, the phone is exhibiting the problem, and it is telling my I have 22.45 MB available, 18.35 MB used, for a total of 40.80 MB. It was similar at the time I first made the complaint, when I had had the phone for two weeks.

After switching the menu back and forth between grid view and list view, the messages came back, seemingly miraculously. The memory explanation also does not fly because the few messages I had locked (saving did not appear to be an option), had disappeared form my phone along with the older messages. since older messages are automatically deleting from my phone, it cannot rationally be argued that the problem with my phone is that I have used too much memory.

Assurance Wireless’s tech support gave me two options, a hard reset on the phone, which would delete my unread messages, and if I were unwilling to do that, I could call Alcaltel’s warranty department, and they provided the number.

The phone has gone through this phase several times, and is at the present time. the tricks that seemingly unlocked the phone through random play did not work. I would call Alcaltel’s warranty department for help, but Assurance has decided that my phone call to Goodtemps on June 6 at 4:43 PM (they close at 5) went on for two hours and nine minutes. This did not happen, but they are refusing to restore my minutes. Apparently, they think I’m stupid enough not to press the end call button, as though I haven’t had a cell phone for nearly fifteen years. They made a fraudulent but realistic record of the call, and then tell me I have to pay $5 for more minutes, which I refuse to do on principle.

This has thrown off numerous things for me. Goodtemps needs me to send them the medical forms that they lost when I sent them to the customer service e-mail when they had their fax turned off after the move. I found the authorization page in my storage unit, dated December 29, 2015 on Saturday, and the sheet noting that the fax failed because the line was disconnected, but not the page my doctor filled out. My health insurance company sent me a new health insurance card with a doctor I do not know on it, and I have tried to handle this through Twitter because I cannot make the phone call, but they didn’t respond after having me send them a direct message there. And of course, since I got laid off, I need my phone to be available to receive calls from potential employers. All of this Assurance has preventing me from doing with their fraud and blackmail.

There really needs to be a class action lawsuit against Assurance. This would be the only way to combat this. They are getting the taxpayer’s money while denying the promised services. I have asked them repeatedly to prove that their logging of the phone call is correct, but they keep just repeating the information, without providing any evidence that the phone call genuinely ran for that length. My phone shows that I made the call, but does not note the duration. They seem to think that repeating the information over and over serves as “proof.” In court, it would be my word against theirs, and legally, $5 is too little to sue, and certainly impractical. The Constitution says the minimum for a lawsuit is $20, which had the purchasing power in 1789 that nearly $700 has today.

That tech support was unable to help me with the first issue, and came up with such a wildly implausible answer as memory use, shows me again that competence and employment are completely unrelated, while the second half shows the same sort of corruption as the shelter system when the government fails to do their job to make sure that the private company actually does what they are supposed to be instead of coming up with sneaky schemes to illegally increase their profits.

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  1. yesenia permalink

    I have ongoing similar issues with Assurance and more.

    1. I can relate about the phone not charging and countless calls to Tech Support and replacement phones. I finally discovered what was causing the issue on my phone.
    When first plugging in the phone, a screen displays saying, “Connect to PC”. The first option to select is “Charge only”, but this is what caused the phone not to charge properly. I learned I needed to select “Media device (MTP)” in order to prompt the phone to charge, and it’s worked ever since, no thanks to Assurance.
    2. The more serious issue I’ve had with Assurance is the fact that they either a) share newly activated numbers with third party marketing agencies, or b) don’t protect customers’ names and phone numbers from being accessed.
    I have changed my number many times due to harassing marketing calls, and am told numbers are recycled among all carriers. So, the next number to become available may have been used by Sprint’s service previously or any other provider. They also insist the numbers are dormant for 90 days before being reassigned.
    This isn’t credible because only a day after activation, I am receiving calls from callers attempting to reach the previous owner of the number, and it’s not long thereafter the marketing calls start again.

    It is horrific that the government is paying Virgin Mobile yet they aren’t held to standards promoted and protected by the FTC. I agree a class action needs to be pursued for their substandard service and lack of support.

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