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Holy shit I look amazing holding tampons

March 6, 2016

The fact that homeless women aren’t provided with sanitary products is disgusting. They don’t get extra public assistance to buy them.


Well folks, as I announced yesterday, I became a lead plaintiff on the New York State tampon-tax case. The press conference was fun, and the best part was posing with the products themselves and looking serious:


Things are progressing fast, too: Governor Cuomo has said the following through a spokesperson: “We agree that sales tax on these products should be repealed and will work with the legislature to do so.”

I hope it’s soon, because according to my Twitter feed there are a whole bunch of people who are willing to protest the ongoing tax by free bleeding on the subway, which could get mighty sticky come July.

I kid. But not really. One thing I’ve figured out through all this is that the squeamishness alone – exhibited mostly by men – is a large part of why the unfair tax exists in the first place. It’s like…

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