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The Doe Fund: Unready, Unwilling, and Unable

February 23, 2016

This may not be the timeliest of blog entries, but one of my co-workers said the other day that I should have gone to Ready, Willing & Able when I found myself homeless. This was recommended to me at FEGS in 2012. The instructor said that she thought they might possibly have clerical work I could do for them. Since their contact feature requires you to submit a form through the site, I do not have the original e-mail I sent to them, but I do have their response, which makes clear what I communicated to them in the e-mail.

While Cliff Gardner’s response is diplomatic and sympathetic, it shows you the ultraconservative, one-size-fits all approach of this major force in the non-profit industrial complex. It is an organization unwilling to accept changing times and conditions, but insists upon a top-down notion of what a homeless person is–an able-bodied male with limited mental faculties through either nature or bodily abuse.

Sending the message to them got my put on their mailing list. Toward the end of each year, I get a letter like this one bragging about how much good their program does. It’s a good thing that it’s not a human being that does this, because begging me for money after failing to be of any assistance to me when I needed them is really bad form.

Apologies for technical issues with this entry. Trying Repeatedly to correct a “smart” system.


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