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The New York Post Covers My Story

December 31, 2015

It’s less flattering than I would like, and ignores a lot of the insights I gave to the writer (including references to Edward Bellamy and Edward E. Baptist), but at least it’s something:

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  1. Ground control to Major Tom…. They cancelled the Space Shuttle, that’s why you fell to earth.

  2. well if we had some scientific action and optimism, the economy would not be so dead, maybe you would have a better chance in your endeavors.

    • That’s so indirect that it seems unlikely. I once applied for a video producer job at Space-X. I actually got a no from them (without an interview).

      • or on the negative side, if we don’t get a Glass Steagall Act reorganization of the bankrupt Wall St system, and new credit for productive activity, we may have mass starvation and social breakdown. Which may kill you and a lot of other people in the United States.

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