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More Incompetent Employees @tdbank

December 7, 2015

I tried to send this message to TD Bank customer service, but they limit me to 300 characters, preventing me from sending this:

I am deeply offended by the poor customer service I received from Camille at the 50th and Broadway location. I applied for a teller position at TD bank some years ago, and I was never granted so much as an interview. As a result of a 108:1 application to interview rate that every job search coach has blamed on “the economy” upon seeing my resume, I have been living in the shelter system for the past three years. Three months ago, I obtained a job, and the Department of Homeless Services requires that I put seventy-five percent of each paycheck into savings. In the three months I have been steadily depositing my paychecks, Camille is the first teller who has given me a negative balance in my checking account as a result of the split of my paycheck between the accounts, which she kept blaming on the computer system that every other teller I have encountered has been able to handle. Ultimately, I had to put it all in checking, and I am due to see my case manager tomorrow, making this an enormous hassle for me. The fact that someone of her lack of ability could be hired by your company while I was never allowed the opportunity to interview for the position shows me that the methodology of your human resources department is severely flawed.

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