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Callahan Calumny

August 6, 2015

I’ve made numerous other posts about the Callahan inspection ( , ), so I won’t detail what it is here.

The most recent Callahan inspection at Bowery Mission Transitional Center was done on August 4, 2015. The previous week, we were asked to clear our floors for cleaning and waxing. The top three floors were to be done Monday, the bottom three floors, Tuesday. I made sure everything was cleaned up, off my floor, and in my locker on Monday. Tuesday, I had to take out my suitcase and what I keep on top for laundry day, getting dressed, and taking my shower, you know, basics of living. Louis Dingle and Rob the underwear ripper, the maintenance guys, came to my room while I was in the shower, told me when I was going back to my room from the shower that I didn’t follow directions, and ignored my explanation, provided to them at 9:34 AM, so it’s not as though I dragged this ridiculously late in the day. I told them I made an effort to clear the floor the day before and that it would be ready for them when I finished dressing. Did they come back? Of course not.

The day of the Callahan inspection, they don’t do laundry, so I have to wait it out until Friday, the other laundry day for the third floor, and they locked any bathroom they didn’t want the Callahan inspectors to see, including all of them on the third floor. The remains of the water pouch I reported in Hopes & Fears for example, was coated in Spackle and the bathroom locked until the Callahan inspectors left. The shower directly across from my bed, where they painted over the mold on the shower floor and was still sticky on the flip-flops I wouldn’t own were I not homeless (since I have them for the sole purpose of shelter showers) after three days of being out of order, was locked, as were all the others, as noted in the article. They told the inspectors that the locked bathrooms were occupied, whether they actually were or not.

They went for nastier food than usual this week, with hot dogs on Monday and Wednesday (after pork sausage at breakfast, which I also won’t eat) and Chef Boyardee ravioli that one of the staff members said tasted like feet on Tuesday. I had to draw off my savings to pay for food because both my SNAP and public assistance money have run out. Of course, the Callahan inspections don’t deal with idiots like Samuel Dennis who insists that there aren’t any desk jobs and therefore that I can’t use the computers in the job center. I don’t know if this extra-bad food had anything to do with the inspection. As I think I mentioned earlier, Bowery Mission Transitional Center does not make residents leave during the inspection, unlike any other shelter where I have stayed.

On a bulletin board in the lobby, where residents can easily see it, but underneath a glass pane with a locked frame, there is a letter at least ten pages thick listing all of the violations of an Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) inspection of the shelter, Christian Herald Housing Development Corporation, doing business as The Bowery Mission Transitional Center. All we can see is the cover letter, which tells us nothing particularly useful. I imagine whatever the outcome of this most recent Callahan inspection will have no effect on how the shelter does business.

Because the staffing service has not been able to consistently place me in its one-day assignments (apparently standard for proofreading temps), I am not counted as working, even though I am on-call, so my case manager told me that I can expect to be transferred within the next month or perhaps even sooner. That will probably mean no more private room, no more not being forced to leave the building between 8 AM and 5 PM, and perhaps putting my tablet in storage. Of course, if you’re a right-wing nut job, you think that I choose that.

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