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Trapped in the Kafka-esque Revolving Door of the NYC Shelter System

April 28, 2015

Long-time readers of my blog will be familiar with much of what is found in this article, but I got paid to write this, and hopefully it will bring my story to a wider audience:


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  1. I think about the Phil Collins pop song about Homeless ness… Oh, think twice, just another day for you and me in paradise… think about it…. ooh hoo….

  2. Reblogged this on News From the Bronx and commented:
    Think about being homeless in NYC… what a bummer.

  3. Once I was working in my storage unit, and “Living in a Box” came on the Muzak system.

  4. Definitely an art form around extreme poverty, homelessness, and such. It reminds me of a Hebrew poem I studied in college by Natan Alterman, I think. “Simchat Ha’Ani”– the Joy of the Poor. The main character imagines he is a mole and buries to the tomb of his beloved… or something like that.

    “Joy of the Poor”

    Not all is vanity of vanity.
    Not everything is vanity in vain.
    Yes, for silver I sold my convenant.
    Yes, I wasted my days for vanity.
    Only after you, I went my love.
    Like a neck after the rope.
    (loose translation of opening stanza of poem)

    Maybe you needed to go through this to reach your art form, your breakout…

  5. bea has stuff at S at noon. Can you make it??

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