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Matt Biden Is Brainwashed and Deluded

April 27, 2015


Humans need to stop worrying about “equality”. Its never been achieved and the pursuit of it kills and starves millions.

capitalism is about to starve millions unless there is change. corporate profits are all time high and wages are at an all time low. automation may be coming for you too.

+maca12345678 The only millions that starve are under communism, capitalism creates wealth. Learn what that means.

+Matt Biden You have either not watched the video or you are deliberately responding in a dishonest manner. What you say is a repetition of mere prejudice and propaganda.

+Paul R If the video makes a point you want to elibrate on, then go ahead and say it already?

+Matt Biden learn what it means when 50% of the workforce are unemployable through no fault of their in 20 years time, meanwhile an an abundance of resources.

+maca12345678 Resources do not not run out in a capitalist world because capitalist create wealth from nothing. Something you leftist losers, could never do?

+Matt Biden No. Or rather what the fuck do you mean? Of course the physical resources of this world have limits. If you honestly believe otherwise you are deranged. Also wealth is created by people extracting minerals, growing food, making things and providing services. Capitalists basically are people who borrow money to employ others and hope to make a profit from their labour. Not necessarily so bad, in itself. They do do not in general produce the actual wealth. I believe we need to move towards an economy that is environmentally sustainable and democratically controlled. If that makes me a Marxist, so be it. Your credo (blind faith in bankrupt, myopic, selfish ideology) is in the process of destroying the real wealth of this world but you are blind to that because you think mainly or only in terms of money. If you watch the video you will hear that Marx approved of capitalism in some respects.

+Paul R Its not about resources. Again your not getting it. Mexico and Russia has the largest resources and they’re both poor.

ugh… The whole leftist world view is wrong. Your whole message was about you pretending that the people are some how being exploited by business owners. You know, jobs don’t need to exist. The third world doesn’t have much job opportunity.


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