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Everyone hates college administrators

April 8, 2015


If you were wondering why I didn’t blog yesterday, which you probably weren’t (confession: I don’t read other peoples’ blogs and I don’t listen to any podcasts. So I would never, ever ask anyone to read my blog or listen to my podcast), it was because I was completely confused and irritated by this NYTimes opinion piece on the rising cost of college, written by University of Colorado Law Professor Paul Campos.

I really think the Times needs to either have footnotes or hyperlinks in their opinion pieces, because this guy was playing so fast and loose with his numbers that I had really no idea what he was talking about most of the time. That’s saying something considering that this, the cost of college and its causes, is something I have spent many hours thinking about and researching.

So what happened was, I didn’t have time to completely…

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  1. I dont know, college administrators as an object of disdain or even hate? Somehow doesn’t make it… Colleges in general are screwy in the USA…. There is no connection between taking a course and getting a job… Then everything changes again… The stories of the late 1960s guys and gals who studied to work in astrospace and NASA… and then wound up driving cabs… are well known. That was the beginning of the horror show…

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