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Employed Scumbags

December 31, 2014

I just sent the following to MTA after the bull I went through in getting to this library to use the computer:

I am writing to demand the immediate firing of the woman who drove bus 6742 on the m9 line today, December 31, 2014.  I got on at Avenue A and Houston Street (stop #401202), where she was late with a jam-packed bus because the bus scheduled to arrive at 11:58 was a no-show.  That’s not her fault, but it is entirely at fault that she drove along Park Place from Broadway to West Street, which is not the route.  I confronted her with this when I got off the bus at the last stop, but made the mistake of stepping off, since I could not see her badge number.  I asked her why she never went to my stop, and her only response was “Did you ring the bell?” I told her “No, because you didn’t follow the route or get anywhere near my stop.  Why did you take an unannounced detour?”  When she refused to answer anything but “Did you ring the bell?” I then started shouting obscenities while asking her why she detoured from the route, and she shut the bus door on my fist holding up my middle finger.  At this point I attempted to get back on the bus to obtain her badge number, but was unable to open the door.  Her behavior was extremely unprofessional, and I don’t blame her for being too cowardly to allow the door to open, but I have no inclination to go to prison for assault, I just want justice to be done, which is her termination–the union be damned.  At a time when millions are out of work, she has no right to behave this way with impunity toward her customers .

I made a small error here in that she went down Barclay Street, not Park Place, from Broadway to West Street, not Park Place. The route is supposed to go from Park Row around the tip of City Hall Park, crossing Broadway, west of which PArk Row becomes Barclay Street, then turn right on Church Street, up a couple of blocks, then left on Murray Street, stopping at Murray Street and Church Street. My stop is two blocks West of that, at Murray Street and Greenwich Street, which is my stop. Even though the Stop Requested” light was on, she plowed on from Park Row to the last stop, at the south end of Battery Park City, leaving me to walk around the World Financial Center to get to my destination. I can’t fathom why I would have rung the bell to stop when she never passed Murray and Church (normally, one rings the bell when the bus passes the prior stop), nor went anywhere near Murray Street. I was totally confused as to what she was doing, and she never bothered to explain. I can’t figure out how any of this was my fault, but she wanted to make it out to be.

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