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Broken Windows Kills

December 12, 2014

So now no one can say that you haven’t seen me with Arvernetta Henry as if we are dissociated. Another thing we have in common is getting high involuntarily at the shelter. She told us at the debrief for this event that that was a problem for her. Marijuana smoke was coming in through the window last night, and the stench gave me such a headache that I had to shut the window even though the heater is on overkill. I then fell asleep without getting ready and sweat like mad while wearing the one pair of thermal underwear that I have, which I treat like outerwear (underwear beneath) so that I can wear it longer.

I gave a fairly long speech, citing James Q. Wilson, George Kelling, James Fox, John DiIulio, and Randall G. Shelden. You get only a piece of it in the video.

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