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Linda Tirado on Attitude

December 5, 2014

I am sick of people harassing me about my situation and then complaining about my attitude or alleging that I’m somehow “entitled” because I think I deserve a desk job at a living wage, which, by the way, is considered a right in Europe.  I hope Linda Tirado doesn’t mind that I’m quoting for her book so much, but I need a quick link for rebuttal against right-wing nutjobs.

Here is from pp 175-177, Chapter 10, “An Open Letter to Rich People,” which I didn’t comment about in my review, but will surely be reading from aloud on the steps of Federal Hall National Memorial, as I did with much of Chapter 1:


So, okay, sometimes I have a shitty attitude.  I’ll give you that.  But at least I’m not often entitled.  People in the upper classes are so used to having everything done for them that they get sort of irrational and start to feel like you’re personally attacking them for not being honestly pleased to see them.  It’s a bit off-putting, to say the least, to have someone sweep in like that.

  • If you think poor people are entitled, try denying a rich person with an attitude some service they think they’ve earned.  Its’ like grief–there are phases.  Anger and denial are first.  Then comes “do you understand how fucked you are if you don’t get the thing I want?” Followed by “I demand to see your manager and “I’ve never been treated do poorly in my life.”  The final stage is bargaining, where they try to give you extra money because all of life is like valet service to them, and an extra five bucks can change the world.
  • If that doesn’t convince you, try wearing stained or unintentionally torn (professionally torn is fine and thus useless for these purposes) clothes and sitting on a stoop somewhere.  Note how many rude comments or nasty glares you get from well-dressed people.  Being rich is like being white, you guy.  It’s not that sometimes your life doesn’t suck even if you’re white.  It’s that you’re not allowed to complain about the two times being white is unhandy, because all your other alternatives are much unhandier.  Your other options are any race or ethnicity but white, all of whom face normal human shitty existence <i>and</i> racism of the entrenched or overt variety.  It’s the same thing being rich.  I’m not saying that sometimes you don’t get the short end of the stick.  All I’m saying is that you look ridiculous whining about how you just can’t make ends meet on $200,000 because you have to spend so much money to survive. You come off as petulant and incapable of managing the slightest taste of reality when the raising of the capital gains tax back to what you paid under Clinton is cast as a brimstone-filled apocalypse.  Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and  keep your mouths shut to avoid looking like assholes.
  • Barack Obama caused a flap because he told rich people that they weren’t the sole factors in their own success.  You’re not allowed to do that, because wealthy people are far too precious to face the idea that they didn’t do it all themselves, or spring out of the womb, fully formed, as hotshot entrepreneurs or whatever they want us to see them as.  I cannot fathom actually thinking that the entire world must collaborate to hide reality from me, and on top of that hubris, being upset when someone dares to speak a distasteful truth.  You guys have got to get tougher than that.

Usually people who tell me I have an attitude problem are people who find their $0.0000001 a year contribution to my public assistance and food stamps a greater price than my excruciating pain.  You can tell upon which side is the evil and malice because of its desire to hurt others.  In high school, I was a fan of Rush Limbaugh, but he was clearly playing Shadow Weaver to my Force Captain Adora.


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