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Bad News–Transfer and No Job Yet

July 31, 2014

Paul Jardine at least had the decency to give me notice on the transfer, which was not the case in any of my previous transfers, which I learned the day of and occurred late at night.  As of Monday, I will be transferred to the Bowery shelter at 4551 Avenue D in Manhattan.  I have heard horrible things about it, including that they don’t give us bag lunches.  With my public assistance and food stamps lapsed as a result of the false information from Angelica Jiménez and Natalya Castro, this could prove a problem in the early weeks of the position when I have not been paid.

Unfortunately, I was told yesterday that the position was mine and that I would not need to interview for it.  That information was corrected today, and I will need to interview for the position tomorrow.  I did not see the e-mail until I told Paul Jardine via e-mail that the position was mine, and as such, I need to remain in a working shelter.

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