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Fake facts and feeble flaws….REALLY???

July 30, 2014

People love to assume that they can’t become homeless because they’re not addicts or mentally ill, but that’s an opinion, too, an opinion that has no basis in the facts of my case.

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ All this week I’ve been discussing opinions and suggesting that more often than not what you believe to be a fact, is actually nothing more than an opinion. Is it a fact that I’m more handsome in person? Well, that may be my opinion but for the people who have actually been blessed with my presence, they might beg to differ.

Consider the following ‘facts’ we were taught as children, none of which can be proven beyond-the-shadow of a doubt,

—-) Our bodies need 8 glasses of water every day

—-) Our bodies don’t need 8 glasses of water every day

—-) Life begins at conception

—-) Life doesn’t begin at conception

—-) Pluto is a planet

—-) Pluto is not a planet

—-) The differences between genders can be determined by physical traits

—-) The differences between genders cannot be determined by physical…

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