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Samsung Hires Subliterates While I Remain Unemployed

July 23, 2014
I want to know why people who can’t follow a train of thought are allowed to have desk jobs while I continue to have a 0.8% response rate to my resume.
Unfortunately, I am not able to find the original e-mail that I sent, but it specifically said that my phone has no service and was requesting information about an adapter to connect the phone to a USB port because without phone service, I cannot e-mail the images from my phone.
Samsung Customer Support Center

To Me
Jul 21 at 5:16 PM
Dear Scott,

Thank you for contacting Samsung Telecommunications America.

After reading your e-mail, we understand that you would like to send pictures to your e-mail via

We understand how important it is to send the pictures on your phone to e-mail.

We did not receive enough information regarding the model number of the device. It would be more helpful if you provide us with the model number of the device which is located beneath the battery in the battery compartment.

It generally starts with SCH, SPH, SGH for US models and GT for non-US models. Please contact the appropriate Samsung country support team by accessing the web link below if you are referring to a non-US model.


Carrier data plan should be enabled on the device to send pictures to e-mail on the device. Please contact your carrier to get the service activated on the device so that you can use the carrier data plan to send the pictures to e-mail.

Should you have more questions regarding your Samsung Mobile Phone, you can also reach out to our chat support team by accessing the following link. Live Chat is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Have a wonderful day!


Thank you for your continued interest in Samsung products.

Technical Support



To Samsung Customer Support Center
Jul 21 at 5:19 PM
You did not understand my message.  I said that the phone has no service and that I would like an alternative method to transfer my pictures off the phone, and was looking for an accessory that could adapt the connector to a USB port.  As I submitted previously, the model of my phone is SGH-T404G (GP).  Please connect me with an employee who knows how to read.

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