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They’re trying to put me in a three quarter house.

July 20, 2014

Here is some information about three quarter houses:

My contact at MFY is on vacation, so I had to leave a voice mail with her supervisor.

As bad as Shawon Taylor was as director of social services at NAICA Bronx Park Avenue, the new director seems to be trying to convert it from a working shelter to a MICA (mentally ill-chemical abuser) shelter. They’re really pushing the general population people out while letting crazies like Ho Chi Minh stay. They get $3,533 per month from the city for each general population client like me and $4,333 for each MICA client, so it is in their interests to remove the general population clientele and replace them with MICA clients. As my new case manager, Luisito Medina, put it, the shelter is losing money by my continued stay there, which they aren’t, just lost potential income from having a MICA client in my cot. MR. Medina insists this place is not a three quarter house, even though it fits the description (a private house with eight guys in a room, collecting the $215 a month from HRA). He also insists that HRA recognizes this as a transitional facility and will continue to pay for my storage, although I have difficulty believing that.

I have even worse difficulty believing that when the residential assistants told me on Saturday that I was scheduled to move out Friday, when Mr. Medina said that I was to move out August 1st. He said I would be seeing the place first, but the RAs insisted otherwise. I cannot trust anyone in this system. I had to have my MFY paralegal file a fair hearing for me when my public assistance benefits got discontinued because I didn’t show at an appointment at FEGS (which was on the same days as my epidural) after Angelica Jimenez at the shelter and Natalya Castro at BusinessLink/SET both said I didn’t have to do anything at FEGS while in the SET program.

Unfortunately, my friends with cars are out of town, so if there is a transportation issue like there was on the last transfer, I’m in even worse shape than before. I did go a lot of removal from my locker, but there may still be too much to reasonably carry in one shot.

“Santa Claus” has already been sent to such a place. He says that he’s going to write to us via snail mail, which is pretty silly, since they’re on the verge of transferring every sane non-addict out of the facility.

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