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Cecily McMillan Released With Demands

July 2, 2014

The Cecily McMillan verdict, like the George Zimmerman verdict, are examples of why juries should be informed about the jury nullification process, which can undo unjust laws and unfair, unreasonable verdicts.  Cecily McMillan acted in self-defense, and a gag order was put on her attorneys, only the worst quality video of the incident they could find, despite all the views within the video of people with recording devices was allowed, and they were allowed to take into account only whether McMillan actually hit the cop.  By that reasoning, George Zimmerman should have been found guilty of murder, since there is no question that he shot Trayvon Martin, and that he did so in self defense is extremely questionable under the circumstances.  Jury nullification should have been used to destroy Florida’s stand your ground law, but unfortunately, 18 states, including Florida and apparently New York, allow prosecutors to lie to juries about what they are are allowed to do and what their true powers are.

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