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Yes, I have a master’s degree and live in a homeless shelter.

June 30, 2014


This is the ID card that we use to get into our rooms. I got a friend to scan it. It’s not supposed to leave the building, but since I left it in my pocket by mistake thinking it was already put away by a security guard when I was late returning with my razors. (Someone’s car alarm kept going off when I was trying to go back to sleep after using the restroom, so once I finally got to sleep, I wasn’t up until around 7:30.)

Ho Chi Minh confronted me at the Mid-Manhattan Library, telling me that I need to get my computer access from the FBI, and accusing me of being a Communist spy.

Since last time it came out too small, when I showed it in the same image as my Eddie Harris ID, here is another scan of my graduate school transcirpt, showing that I was awarded a master’s degree:

transcript censored

Anyone who thinks this blog is a spoof or that I am lying about being both living in a homeless shelter and having attained a master’s degree now has an onus upon them to prove that these are forgeries if they want to make any such accusations.


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