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“Why Should I Respect a Homeless Person’s Time?”

April 5, 2014

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Message Type: Complaint
Topic: Other
Contact Info: Yes
M/M: Mr.
First Name: Scott
Middle Name: A
Last Name: Hutchins
Company: NAICA
Street Address: 3339 Park Ave
Address Number: 104
City: Bronx
State: NY
Postal Code: 10456
Country: United States
Work Phone #:  
Email Address:
Message: My case manager, Ivette Carasquillo, consistently makes me wait anywhere from a half hour to an hour from the time of my appointment to seeing her. Once, she even took her lunch break at the time she scheduled for my ILP review and left me waiting. On Wednesday, April 2, I went to Albany to lobby for Assembly bill A7119A, which caused me to miss my ILP appointment for the first time. When I saw Ms. Caqasquillo Friday morning, not only did she make me wait 2 1/2 hours, causing me to be very late for another appointment, which the guard informed her that I had, but she gave me a written infraction for missing Wednesdays appointment. This is an extreme double standard, and she herself needs to receive a written infraction. She is essentially saying, I dont have to respect your time, but if you dont respect my time, I get to punish you. This is extremely unethical behavior and needs to stop.

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  1. For some stupid reason, when commenting on, all apostrophes and quotation marks are omitted. When informing the Department of Transportation of a crosswalk with an impossibly short light, Saying that I’m 6’3″ and have a long stride came out implying that I was 63 years old.

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