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NAICA’s Power Trip

March 26, 2014

NAICA's Power Trip

As promised in my previous entry, here is a picture of my phone charger plugged into the electrical socket next to my bed in the shelter.

For comparison, here is a picture of my charger plugged into a socket in a classroom at Unity of New York:


This is a close-up on the light in the charger while unplugged:


Here is another view of the charger plugged in at the shelter, with the light clearly not on:


Here is the view of my room at the shelter from my bed:


And this is what the hallway doorstep of my room looked like last night:


And yet one of the security guards gives me flak about shaving on my bed being unsanitary. They know it hurts for me to stand for long periods, which leaves my only shaving option being on the toilet (since it usually takes about 40 minutes to get rid of all my stubble), which I am not going to do if I don’t have to use it. Since they allege that they clean the dorm rooms every day, I’m not sure why this would be a problem, although I have previously demonstrated that they don’t.


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