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What Can We Do Before The Revolution?

February 23, 2014

Alice Woods

Occupy London, St Paul's Cathedral 2011 / Photo: Alice Woods
          Occupy London, St Paul’s Cathedral 2011. Photo: Alice Woods

Are we on the brink of revolution? We know Russell Brand would like one but since the financial crisis of 2008, we have seen only limited reform and not enough people held to account for the elaborate Ponzi scheme that represents our global financial market place. An attempt to cap banker bonuses in Europe is being thwarted by sneaky reconstructions of pay packets, and practically no efforts have been made to address the lack of transparent and quality financial services for those in the lower income brackets. The news that the U.S. Postal Service might start to offer financial services could help to address some of these issues (see the recently released Providing Non-Bank Financial Services for the Underserved) but it is far from a sure thing. In other areas a small increase in Worker Cooperatives and Unionisation…

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