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More NAICA Lunch Thefts

February 17, 2014

On Saturday, the shelter ran out of detergent, which simply should not happen when laundry room use is restricted to two days a week, and since there was already not enough money on my card to adequately dry my clothes, I went to the laundromat at the corner of 165th and Morris Avenue, which cost me $10, which is a lot of money when you have no income.  I filed a complaint with the DHS commissioner.  Unfortunately, the browser crashed as I was trying to load WordPress to paste it in.  A slash got into the URL as I was typing the period, and I didn’t notice until after I had hit enter. On the bright side, I got two raffle tickets into a drawing for a 7″ tablet. It would be a killer if I won, given the circumstances, but tablets aren’t allowed in the building, so I’d have to hand it over to a friend until it’s convenient for me to get to my storage unit.

Here is a new complaint I just filed over their failure once again to provide an adequate supply of bag lunches, running out less than halfway through the meal period… (Note that NYC’s website eliminates apostrophes; once when I complained to the DOT about the brevity of the crosswalk light at the corner of Featherbed Lane and Macombs Ave, my message for to them as saying that I am 63 and have a long stride, a very different meaning from that intended. They did extend the duration of the light somewhat, but it is still impossible to cross without the light getting to solid red unless you run.)




Message Type: Complaint
Topic: Other
Contact Info: Yes
M/M: Mr.
First Name: Scott
Middle Name: A
Last Name: Hutchins
Company: NAICA Bronx Park Ave
Street Address: 3339 Park Ave
Address Number: 104
City: Bronx
State: NY
Postal Code: 10456
Country: United States
Work Phone #:  
Email Address:
Message: After my last message about bag lunches, the supervisor came to my room and told me to come to her if they ran out again. The first time that happened was today. Breakfast is served on holidays from 7-8:45. I was at the window at 7:38, and they had already run out. The supervisor came in as I was leaving, and I told her, and the workers excuse was that it was 7:38 and that I should have come earlier. Considering that shelters receive at least 3,533 per resident per month, this can only be either incompetence or theft, and neither one is good.
  1. When I got back to the shelter last night, I found a lunch bag on my cot marked To: Scott Hutchins From: Ms. Jackson. She came to my room this morning and said that the bag lunch is always a problem on weekends, and that she would order 30 more a day to try to resolve the problem. She said that the bag lunches come earlier on days without school, since the same people deliver lunches to the charter school, another horrible example of putting people over profits. I don’t think Ms. Jackson is a bad person. She is probably badly paid, however. She is part of a corrupt system, but personally, she is probably no worse than any of a dozen Sam Lowry types who will do anything to hold onto their job in a horrible economy.

  2. What is their reason for not allowing tablets in the building?

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