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Thomas Sowell, King of the Pathological Liars

February 13, 2014

In my previous post, Alice Woods showed how Thomas Sowell used his Harvard degree as the sort of shield that right-wing nut jobs are claiming I have used with my CUNY degree to not flip burgers, consistently omitting or denying that I have any sort of medical problem that limits my standing.  For Sowell, a Harvard degree means not having to present any evidence, such as when he claimed that liberals were lying about the minimum wage without actually quoting anyone, and reducing the liberal argument to one nonsensical statement that no one had actually made.  Or how about when he lied about the Affordable Care Act?  How about when he called people being forced to pay for a service “parasites?”  Or that czars are new to the Obama administration? What about the time he talked about high unemployment under FDR without noting that it fell each year of his administration? Or how about when Uncle Tom claimed that we don’t know who wanted the government shut down?  How were those not lies? 


The sorts of people who believe Thomas Sowell are the same sorts of people who believe that laziness, and not a medical condition, is why I refuse to apply for burger flipper jobs.  They are the same sorts of people who think that a doctor’s “limit prolonged standing” means “standing in front of a cash register for eight hours couldn’t possibly exacerbate your medical condition.”  They believe nonsense such as, “If you can’t get a job, start a business.  If you can’t start a business, get a job.”  They are the sorts of people who think it is perfectly reasonable to spend 60% of my income commuting from the Bronx to Secaucus to work a minimum wage job at Wal-Mart, and never earn enough income to afford real housing, so that they can attack me as a permanent leech, in spite of working.  They leave out everything that is inconvenient to their agenda, and yet they are the first to call people liars, as Thomas Sowell has done in numerous posts, including those criticized here.

Imbeciles paid Jack Cashill to write a book proclaiming that George Zimmerman is a hero.  Perhaps if Zimmerman had chosen to take out his racism on Uncle Tom Sowell, a reasonable person might be able to have some minimal sympathy for his argument.


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  1. Jarod Russell permalink

    In his latest columns on Ted Cruz, Sowell claims the FCC wants to put observers into newspaper offices to make sure only the approved news is published. I can not find any hint of this anywhere on the Internet.

  2. Mr.Sowell is not only a liar,he is also guilty of irresponsible scholarship.He has written preposterous things about the differences between blacks and whites.Like trying to claim that the early american “white irish” were like blacks in terms of criminality,illegitimacy,intelligence,behavior,etc.Anything to deny the truth about blacks;a truth those of us who live in predominantly black communities are intimately familiar with.His “critiques” of race reality and race science are as fraudulent as he is.

    • It’s true that Irish people had to, in effect, become white, as Noel Ignatev has put it, as did Italians and Jews, but basing lies on grains of truth makes it an all the more insidious practice.

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