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The Faulty Plumbing Of Trickle-Down Economics

February 12, 2014

Alice Woods and I both attended the Occupy Wall Street Alternative Banking meeting on Sunday. The Thomas Sowell article, “The Trickle-Down Lie” ( was suggested by me as a discussion topic days earlier when a Twitter foe told me that I was a fool for accusing conservatives of trickle-down tactics. Alice’s article sums up the conclusions that were made at that meeting. “Trickle-down” is an accurate description of a right-wing policy that has never and will never work, in spite of over a hundred years of advocacy under different names. The Newcastle-born Alice rightly dismisses Sowell’s claims as “rubbish” (a word she used many times in conversation when discussing the various ways right-wingers have feebly attempted to argue my unemployment and homelessness as my fault) designed to forward an agenda favoring wealthy elites.

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