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My Homlessness Is the Fault of Idiocrats

January 28, 2014

My Homlessness is the Fault of Idiocrats


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  1. I’d been warned that there was extreme hostility in the comments sections on Scott’s blog. I’m not sure where people are coming from, but the NY shelter system is not someplace people who have any options want to be. Ditto food stamps/SNAP and other assistance programs. And even if it makes sense for him to go work a minimum wage job (at Target, for example), he probably couldn’t perform the work if there’s a lot of standing or carrying involved. In theory he could get a desk job–but the reality is that in NY right now, there are three applicants for every position. Assuming he’s put out resumes, he won’t be the first or even the second person considered for the kind of office job that’s compatible with his physical problems. I know Scott, and I don’t think he’s malingering–if he had a choice I’m sure he’d rather be employed and paying his own rent.

    • The hostility has primarily moved to Twitter, and I’ve pasted some of that garbage here to expose the foul behavior of people like Todd Kincannon, Jake McClain and Kayla Knowles.

  2. Glock26 permalink

    Here is what Scott and his enablers seem to always miss. No one cares what he does. people just don’t like supporting him monetarily for not doing anything and him proclaiming it’s his right not to do anything and the state needs to put him in a mansion while he does it!

    • Your comment is as pure blithering idiocy as your e-mail address ( If you would rather I be in a job that is excruciatingly painful and goes against the advice of doctors than receiving government funds, you are a fiend. You are also a fiend if you believe $3,533 per month of your tax dollars is better spent putting me in a shithole instead of in my own apartment.

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