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Sad Birthday

January 3, 2014

Sad Birthday

I learned last night, my 38th birthday, that one of my friends from David’s class who has been so kind to me was run over and killed by a train the previous Thursday.  She’s been one of the good guys on my blog, although I didn’t identify her by name, because I hadn’t asked her permission to blog about the incidents in which she was involved.

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  1. jerry permalink

    Happy Belated Birthday. Im sorry about your friend. That is truely sad. The good people of the world are losing out to the bad man. The best we can do is be keep up the struggle.

    Ive been following your story for the last month. I saw your video on YouTube where you were interviewed by someone and you explained your homelessness. I havent had a job in 2 years too and have been struggling. I wish you a belated happy new year too my friend. You seem like a good person. Keep up the struggle and maybe we can both chat later if things get better for the both of us.

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