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Conservatives Accentuate the Negative

December 30, 2013
  1. @scottandrewh Job creators like myself pay 73% of the Fed inc. taxes. Moochers are those that don’t work and expect to get paid indefinitely

  2. @justhefax_mam You’re no job creator, and most of that money gets rebated.

  3. @scottandrewh Tell my 30 employees and their families I am not a job creator…really? The stat represents the top 10% of earners in US.

  4. @scottandrewh If you spent as much time volunteering at a film studio as you did making excuses you could eventually be employed. #Goal?

  5. @justhefax_mam Been there done that. All they want you for is physical stuff I can’t do.

  6. @scottandrewh You are so clueless about success that it is painful. I told my college age nephews about you. As soon as I said film major…

  7. @justhefax_mam You’re the idiot telling someone with GRE scores of 660 verbal and 340 math to look into engineering…

  8. @scottandrewh No, you are the “idiot” with such poor scores. No one else’s fault. You can take remedial education. But your attitude sucks.

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Joe Friday‏@justhefax_mam

@scottandrewh In fact…it sucks too much to have representation on my TL. It is time for you and that lousy attitude to disappear. #block

12:37 PM – 28 Dec 13
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