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“If NYPD does it, it’s not illegal.”

December 13, 2013

…to paraphrase Richard Milhous Nixon.

Last night, walking back to the subway from Picture the Homeless.  I stepped off the curb waiting for a vehicle on one-way Creston Avenue to pass.  I was technically jaywalking, but jaywalking of this sort is the norm in New York.  When Steve Gerber wrote his Hawkeye story in Avengers Spotlight, Clint expresses surprise that people in Los Angeles actually obey the traffic signals rather than use them as a guide as people do in New York.    

As I was waiting, with my head turned to the left, since it was a one way street going south, and I was on the west side of the street,  NYPD police van #8830 backed into me, hitting my leg.  I wasn’t severely hurt, but the unexpected collision with the reckless NYPD driver angered me.  In the passenger side was a fatassed white police woman, and in the driver’s seat was a black man over 50.  They were trying to park by a fire hydrant of all places, and they laughed at me as I cussed them out.

I called 911, which transferred my call to NYPD Internal Affairs, where I had to leave a voice mail, because it was after 9 PM.  I seriously doubt anything will come of this, and the reckless driving of NYPD will not result in any sort of punishment.  I’ve never done anything on a job as bad as striking someone with a vehicle, so it disgusts me that people like this will probably get to keep their jobs.


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  1. I’m often having pain in my right thigh that reminds me a lot of this incident and may be derived from it.

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