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De Blasio Wants Vacant Lot Owners to Deservedly Pay Through the Nose

December 13, 2013

De Blasio Wants Vacant Lot Owners to Deservedly Pay Through the Nose

Enter Exhibit B. In the middle of Williamsburg, where land prices have doubled and redoubled in the past 20 years, Frank Fristachi and Suzannah Matalon have clung to an 8,900-square-foot parcel of fenced-off land at the corner of South First Street and Driggs Avenue. The owners insist they do not fit into Mr. de Blasio’s mold.

“It’s not vacant—it contains a beautiful garden, trees, bushes and plants, and was rescued from being a dump owned by the city,” Mr. Fristachi said. “I think I should get a tax rebate for supplying this neighborhood with clean air and light.”

Mr. Fristachi also disputes the suggestion that he’s a speculator, pointing out that if he were one, he’d have already unloaded the parcel and banked his fat profits. Nonetheless, he conceded that Mr. de Blasio’s proposal has made him unsure about what he should do if his property taxes rise from about $6,800 annually to an estimated $17,000 under the mayor-elect’s plan.

This guy is definitely a speculator.  If what he had were actually a community garden, he could have gotten it taxed at a much lower rate.  Commentators on the article want to claim that Wanting to tax these people at high rates is fascism.  It is not fascism.  It is fascism to price people out of apartments and into shelters so that you can make a killing in real estate.


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