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November 21st, Indiegogo Campaign

November 19, 2013

The Grace Period Blog–2/x/5070564

November 21, 2013. A day that will live in infamy. Why you ask? The grace period for student loans is over. Repayment is upon us. We are only the latest wave of students to face the reality of their loan debt- and we won’t be the last.

The Grace Period Blog is first and foremost, a conversation. Seven anonymous artists share our thoughts, questions, hardships and celebrations. Sacrifices must be made, but not of our art. Instead, we’re making our art work for us. We write as a manifesto. Our society is littered with debt, but money is something we’ve been taught not to talk about. It’s “impolite.” We hide the truth, are embarrassed by that big negative number following us around. Let’s come out of the debt closet together!

We are faceless because we are everyone’s face. It is not just our story, but the story of all…

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