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The 40-Year Unconstitutional War on College Students

October 22, 2013

The 40-Year Unconstitutional War on College Students

I haven’t emphasized the issue of student loan debt in my blog because the issue of homelessness allows me to keep my student loans (now over $60,000) in deferment.  My brother was so outraged at the idea that the non-dischargeability of student loans might be unconstitutional when I showed him the above-linked article by Moe Tkacik on Reuters that he refused to read it, insisting that I and the author were just whiners.  It is typical of the right-winger to insist on remaining ignorant of the condition of the oppressed and how systemic that it actually is, even to the point of being proud of such ignorance.  It would not stun me in the slightest if my brother were proclaiming George Zimmerman “innocent” as per the “not guilty” verdict when the medical examiner said that Trayvon Martin could not have been the aggressor.

My mother outright lied to me about my student loan situation, insisting that I had no student loans prior to graduate school, which is a patently false statement.  The money her mother put into Pioneer Fund when I was a baby had just enough money in it to cover four years of college.  I had to go another year and change to complete my degree requirements or else pass with a “general studies” degree, meaning that I had enough credits to graduate without completing a major.  The only way to pay for these additional courses was to take out student loans.  She also insists that it was all my fault, but if she and Dad and my brother hadn’t pushed me so hard to study biology when they knew I couldn’t pass high school pre-calculus, I wouldn’t have had to spend nearly as much on student loans.  It also seems typical of right-wingers to think that math skills are skills and that language skills are not.  As such, they believe that standardized test scores well above average on reading, writing, and verbal skills are far less a mark of someone’s intelligence than one’s ability to be a human calculator.  To even further the irony, my mother said that she wanted to be a speech and hearing therapist, which would require both areas to be highly advanced in order to the job well.  She would probably suck at it, but never stops complaining that she never got to go to college for it.

I filed for bankruptcy in 2001.  During college, we were treated as though having a credit card and running up a balance was absolutely essential for building credit.  When I was unable to find a job that paid above $8 an hour after completing my bachelor’s degree, paying of my credit card debt was insurmountable.  My student loans should have been discharged at the time, but they were not.  This is the result of unconstitutional laws that have yet to be overturned.

I have not used a credit card since that bankruptcy filing.  Amit Kumar gave me a hard time about that, because when he first hired me, I literally had no money and would need him to actually provide me with money for me to do the work, rather than to reimburse me later.  This annoyed the capitalist and probably made it so that he had it in for me from day one.

The reality is that there is no good reason why a banker should be able to write off his debt, while a college student cannot.  The college student got something for his debt, but how did the banker not get anything for his?  It is an immoral double standard that Tkacik has exposed, which she believes has gotten her blacklisted from paid journalism the way I appear to have been.

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