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The Plague of Paid Laziness, Project Renewal Violations of Human Rights

October 9, 2013

Remember that disorderly conduct summons I had?  The date to plead guilty on the summons was October 3, so I put on a suit and brought my cane, since I was never sent a new court date.  When I arrived, I had to go to three different places at the same address before I found out where I was supposed to go, and because I had mailed my ticket in to the not guilty unit, they had to look it up by my driver’s license.  It turns out that the case was dismissed, but nobody had bothered to inform me of that fact.  At least it was a Thursday when my activism work takes precedence over my job search.

The only reason for the 9/12/13 rule at the shelter that we cannot return upstairs after breakfast is sheer laziness.  They want to clear the sleeping area a half hour earlier, presumably so they can cut the hours of the low-level staff by getting them done earlier.  I’ve missed many breakfasts, and this leads to having to spend more money.  Today, I made it down in time to eat breakfast, but I was cutting it really close and stuffed the second container of Hospitality Toasted Oats into my sleeve.  Even so, the same guy I called an “irrational moron” for trying to stop me from using a fifth floor shower when all the sixth floor showers were occupied threatened to write me up because according to the clock in the entry that everyone knows is fast, it was 8:31.  The jackass wanted me to leave without my coast and gear, with my hair a mess and unshaven.  there were people up there, but they were giving us a hard time leave long before 8:00 AM.

The “housing” provided by the shelter system is hardly in compliance with the provisions of housing as a human right as recognized by Article 25 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 11, Section 1 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, both of which have been signed by the United States.  They are not enforceable, because they have not been ratified; however, the signing of these charters makes it illegal for them to do anything that expressly violates them.  I believe this occurred when David Dinkins and Muzzy Rosenblatt created the Department of Homeless Services, which has protracted homelessness for millions of New Yorkers so that Rosenblatt could make money.  HRA had previously been housing people with much greater speed, but the shelter system in New York is on the level of the private prison system.  Another example of such violations of human rights is the plan to tear down the black and Hispanic projects in Hoboken, New Jersey to build luxury housing while the white projects are left intact.  These are severe violations of these charters that are not being enforced simply do to the lack of ratification.  A cot and a locker with no privacy and no security and limited access is substandard housing.  I have been living in substandard housing for over 17 months.

The only way out I see is if I’m offered the job at the interview tomorrow, and that would be highly dependent upon what the job pays.  It’s three counties away, so the commute is very expensive.  I would need housing and a car to live there.  Someone at church recommended seeking the help of Green Chimney, which is in the area, but that organization helps minors with mental illness, so neither of those things apply to me.  I still don’t know how I’m actually going to get to the interview.  The map shows it being quite a long way form the MetroNorth station, and I don’t know what the taxi status there is like.  There is no bus service.  Of all the 131 jobs to which I’ve applied since my last interview, the one farthest away is the one that contacts me.


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