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Project Renewal: $117 a Day for Nothing

September 30, 2013

Project Renewal is run by lazy scum.  They are pushing us to be off the sleeping floor at 7:30 instead of 8 as was the previous deadline.  Today, I went down to breakfast at 7:10 (breakfast is from 6:30-7:30, with no one allowed back up after 7:30 as of 9/12/13).  the line was so long that I went back upstairs, certain that I would not be able to get back up in time to leave presentably.  The ex-Chippendale told me that they didn’t even start serving until after 7 AM.  The food being served was bagels and oatmeal, and since those take a bit longer to eat than some of the other meals they serve, I was essentially forced to not eat breakfast out the shelter even though I was down in what normally would have been plenty of time.  Project Renewal gives us two choices:  eat and look like a bum or not eat and get chewed out for remaining on the sleeping floor too long.  Their goal here seems to be to cut their food budget and make more profits for the people on top of the system.

If I’m forced to go to a next step conference over spending too much money that I’m supposed to be saving on food, I will have all the ethics on my side, while they will have nothing on their side but draconian rules.  I spent $2 on four yogurts at Target (on sale), but I had to draw off savings yesterday to eat when I did an interview for public access cable in lieu of going to the soup kitchen.  The only morning soup kitchens that I know of that that are available after I leave the shelter are far uptown, and thus, out of my way when my destination is Brooklyn College.  I believe the $10 I drew off savings is now expended.  I’ve spent about $75 of the $100 that I put in savings the second week of the month, and I have made no entertainment purchases.


Project Renewal:  Making as Much Taxpayer Money for Providing as Little Service as Possible.


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