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Laziness and Employment Are Unrelated

September 20, 2013

Thus far I have been able to have breakfast at the shelter only a few times since the implementation of the new rule.  I’ve switched from buying the $2.99 breakfast sandwich and Whole Foods to the $1.29 oatmeal, which I once got for free because it wouldn’t scan, so the cashier decided not to charge me.  In order to get any of the breakfast soup kitchens that I know about, I would have to leave the shelter even earlier than I normally do.

When I came home Wednesday night, the staff member on duty played that linen exchange trick I described in my negative review of Project Renewal at  This time, it was an older white guy with a mustache.  I raised my voice and repeatedly yelled at him to do his job.  Eventually, to shut me up, he went over and got the clean linen as he was supposed to do, admitting that he did so only because he was sick of hearing me yell at him.  And people wonder why I resort to this tactic.  When I got back upstairs, the staff member on duty on the floor said that the staff member was breaking the rules, and thus entirely in the wrong while I was entirely in the right.

While I was downstairs, Randy came down with the bed roster and let everyone sign, including a guy who admitted to me that he was five minutes after curfew.  Although the Department of Homeless Services never responded to my complaint about their supposedly new policy, I suspect Randy got told not to pull that garbage again, and that’s why he was back to doing it the old way, since it was never the DHS policy that he claimed.  What I don’t understand is why this was not grounds for immediate termination.

Similarly, I had an issue with the New York Public Library’s interlibrary loan service, which supplied me with Matt Fraction’s The Invincible Iron Man vol. 2, a bulky hardcover that I wasn’t prepared to carry around all day, when I had requested Stan Lee’s The Invincible Iron Man vol. 2.  The author field was blank on the call slip, and it went from being present to absent while it was still in my ILLiad request queue, making me suspect that I would be delivered the wrong item. I tried to be as polite as possible in my message to them that the staff member’s apparent blanking of the author field (I submitted it with the author name, but because I made the request at a catalog terminal, could not provide the ISBN at the time) would have been immediate grounds for termination at pretty much any job I’ve ever held, and that I am most intolerant to this sort of behavior in paid employees while I am out of work and homeless.  I have not yet received a response as of this writing (I sent the e-mail around 6 PM last night).  This is indicative of laziness on the part of the employee, because they apparently did not want to do any further catalog searches when they found the Fraction hardcover.

On this blog, there have been repeated nasty comments by someone using claiming to be Detective Litrell at an e-mail address from (which is actually a memorabilia site) attacking me for being lazy with apparently no understanding that someone paid to do a job that they don’t do is inherently lazier than someone diligently seeking a job.  The e-mail address that the NYPD gave me was is not even an actual website, so the phone contact at the precinct I called is similarly lazy in blowing off an assault case, yet he probably gets paid $100,000 a year and has a pension, since that was the salary of that loser Lieutenant John Pike who sprayed UC Davis students directly in the eyes with a grade of pepper spray so strong that regulations permit to be shot only above a crowd.

Of course, there are always the jackasses on YouTube.  There’s a guy calling himself Bruce Wayne (yet has a picture of The Flash as his avatar) who insists that I’m on YouTube all the time and don’t actually make out the job applications (I can’t exactly forward messages from Yahoo! Mail to a YouTube account), and another guy who admitted that he has no education past the ninth grade who insists that he knows better than any doctor what sort of work I can do without even seeing me, insisting that an over the counter orthotic would make me able to work a retail/food service job, which is patently stupid.  He then proceeds to brag that he’s better than me because he owns his own home via a blue collar job from which he has retired.  The fact that this guy is in his sixties and not looking for work shows how out of touch with reality he is, just like my mother, who insists that my situation is entirely the result of my own laziness.  I’ve sent her the spreadsheet of my work search log, which I can back up with further evidence, but I doubt that she cares.  The last thing she wants to do is spend her seventies taking care of her highly educated son.  She is too lazy to think about all the reasons this situation is not my fault.

This, of course, doesn’t address all the volunteer work I have done with Picture the Homeless and several Occupy Wall Street (and previously, Occupy Jacksonville) working groups, the written works I have generated, or my efforts to find work.

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