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New York City Department of Homeless Services=Department of Hellhole Sequestration

August 21, 2013

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The new policy of risking bed loss for arriving only a few minutes after 10 is draconian and unethical. It rewards those who stay in the shelter all day doing nothing and punishes those who leave the shelter and try to better their lives through job search, networking, church activities, etc. It is terrorism for me to have to panic about losing my bed because a train is a little bit late or I get held up at the supermarket by a clerk who keeps keying my EBT card wrong, as happened last night. I do not think that there is any possible justification for eliminating the safety buffer that was in place last night, although I can predict that your answer will be for new people waiting. Ms. Ovesey should be forced to have a time lock on her home so that she cant enter it if shes not there by 10 so she can know what it feels like.





Message Type: Complaint
Topic: Other
Contact Info: Yes
M/M: Mr.
First Name: Scott
Middle Name: A
Last Name: Hutchins
Street Address: 8 E 3rd St
Address Number: 6-052
City: New York
State: NY
Postal Code: 10003
Country: United States
Work Phone #:  
Email Address:
Several of us arrived last night around 10:04 to be told we had officially missed curfew and that they would have to call DHS and get permission to let us back to our beds as per a new DHS policy.  Previously, I had been up to 15 minutes late and not lost my bed.  I simply had to wait downstairs until they brought the roster back down for the signatures.  At Eddie Harris, they took the roster up only to get people who were in their beds and hadn’t signed.  Once you signed, you were assumed to be in for the night, and they never made sure that you were at your bed.  The security cameras made clear if people were wandering in the halls or into others’ rooms after lights out.  I and an Indian guy in particular went really ballistic about how they were punishing people who went out for job search and gave the advantage to people who don’t leave.  The Indian guy slammed the lower part of the ops door so hard that he allegedly broke the latch and one of the employees had to repair it.  Others insisted that the latch was already broken.  He was complaining about how abusive the policy is and that the Project Renewal staff are paid out of his social security money, and as a result, the staff has no right to deny him his bed.  It was nearly 11 before we were finally allowed to sign the roster, with strong intimidation against being late tonight.  Something has to be done about this.  This implies that if there is a train delay, any homeless person who is trying to get back by curfew could be out on the street, in violation of New York City’s right to housing.  I will be leaving class tonight at 9 instead of 9:10, and not stop at the grocery store on the way home, no matter how hungry I may be.
  1. cathyc permalink

    I hope you are going to publish the response you get, when you receive it please!

  2. brookelyn39 permalink

    Why are you all, not pursuing a legal action?
    Too many people suffering.
    This system needs to be revamped.

    • It wasn’t necessary. After I reported to DHS what Project Renewal was doing, they were back to signing people in as soon as the bed count roster was back downstairs.

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