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United States Hits 86% Unemployment??!!

July 12, 2013


About two hours ago, I was informed by an employee of the United Nations International Law Department that he happened to be at work at 6 AM today and saw a memo stating that U.S. unemployment is actually up to 86%, and that there are nearly no available jobs per capita, but that they don’t want the information leaked to the media because they are afraid it will result in riots in the streets. He had no idea that he was informing someone with a blog and is essentially parapress. Personally, I think riots in the streets are something that might benefit this country, particularly if it were targeted at wealthy CEOS who get paid bonuses in the millions, sometimes with taxpayer money, after bankrupting companies. It’s a good thing so few people read my blog or I might end up treated like Bradley Manning, since I don’t have the money to escape like Edward Snowden. Of course, the closest equivalent to Snowden would be my informant, while I would be equivalent to The Washington Post for running it. I don’t know his name, however, I do know his age and can describe him, but as a true journalist, regardless of whether I get paid to do it, I’m not going to do so.

Riots would also be beneficial for inflicting the kind of warfare that they have inflicted on me and others like me psychologically for years, making those without jobs a trod upon minority that can barely survive, with a quality of life that is appallingly low for the wealthiest country in the world. If it is true that the U.S. unemployment rate is 86%, the American public has every right to know and to act accordingly. The corporations have destroyed the United States and much of the world, with the suicide nets in China and the massive worker deaths from unsafe conditions in Bangladesh, the swine flu from Smithfield’s operation in Verz Cruz, Mexico as a result of NAFTA. And now we have CAFTA and will soon have the Trans-Pacific Partnership, “NAFTA on steroids” if we don’t prevent Congress form voting to approve it. If reporting this is what it takes for the people of the United States to wake up and tear down the power of the corporations, then the public needs to know.

  1. I’m pretty beat but I read a few entries in your blog today…me and my husband attempted to live in a shelter last year before I took the little saving I had and fled to Florida until we could find a place back in NYC. I would not doubt unemployment being that high if it factors in people who are only hired part time etc. Best of luck with the bullshit…part of the reason I don’t leave home a lot is because I see too much shit and I am not allowed to speak up…unless I want to be arrested (which, as stated in another blog, don’t do civil disobedience alone!).

  2. John permalink

    LOL how stupid….. You honestly think that only 14% of Americans have jobs?? In the great depression 25% of people were unemployed, you honestly think that only 43 million are employed, you are too gullible…

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