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If I buy a monthly Metrocard, I will be punished.

July 3, 2013

My caseworker was bad enough scheduling my ILP review for 12:45 when I’d prefer them to be early so I can leave for Brooklyn College, but when I arrived, I was told to come back at 1:30, then at 1:30, I was told to come back at 1:45.  When he finally saw me, he said that they have to work on getting me out, even though I don’t have enough income to rent any apartment.  The perverts want me to spend the $1,600 I have saved on rent, then get evicted and start over in the shelter system at square one.  He insisted that he will be meeting with me once a week instead of once every few weeks, and that each week, my savings account must increase by $50 each week, regardless of the fact that my food stamps have been cut and that I have a $203 bill each month.

This week is particularly egregious.  I receive $112 per week, and a monthly Metrocard is $112.  There is no more economical card than the monthly, so I will spend more on transportation in a month if I have to buy any other sort.  He also expects me to apply for ten jobs by next Wednesday.  I will have very limited computer access over the four-day weekend, and my go-to for quantity, CareerBuilder, as of yesterday, was showing me jobs that it says I applied to on June 12 (although my e-mails show I applied on June 11).  He says that his supervisors won’t like it if my savings doesn’t go up by $50.  Well, I have no problem showing him the receipt that I used the entirety of my week’s unemployment for a Metrocard.  If I get in trouble, as he seems to imply, this is a very serious matter.  He was telling me to go outside the box in terms of the sorts of jobs I am willing to accept.  A job with prolonged standing is a job of profound torture in my medical condition.  I will not accept such a job, and a driving job is also unfeasible with sciatica and overactive bladder.  I don’t understand why any intelligent person would expect me to think outside the box of a desk job.

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